We are now in the new year and after the holidays we return to talk about our usual topic, or loans with bills 2018 .

Have there been any changes on this front? Still for the moment we have not noticed any news, so even for the new year, just entered, the operation of this line of credit will remain unchanged.

Prestiti con Cambiali 2018

Loans with bills 2018: why request them?

This year certainly did not start in the best way, in December 2017 all Italians had to pay several payments and for most families the money from the thirteenth was spent between taxes and some small gift. Unfortunately, even the month of January will not be less for what concerns taxes (see for example the Rai TV license) and then you find yourself right away with a few savings in their pockets and many expenses to be incurred. And this is precisely the main reason that pushes people to apply for funding.

Why should you choose a loan that has been replaced in place of the classic personal financing?

Loans with bills 2018: why request them?

The classic financing, better known by the name of personal loan is now available only by a few “elected”. Unfortunately, to be able to obtain one, even in 2018, it will be necessary to have a source of income perceived on a regular basis, but above all this must be demonstrable.

In order to prove your income, it will be sufficient to show the bank that will pay the credit for your paycheck if you are a salaried employee, if you are retired and if you are self-employed.

Those who do not hold one of these documents will not be able to access a loan in the traditional way but will have to opt for a loan with guarantor. To understand each other better, a third person will have to guarantee for the debtor through his income guarantees that they will always have to be demonstrable.

But what happens if the applicant is a bad payer or a protester? Those who hold this “charge” unfortunately is not well seen by financial companies and therefore it will be necessary to opt for a further solution to have access to credit. Here, too, you can request the assistance of a guarantor or opt for the assignment of the fifth.

However, the assignment of the fifth has limitations: it can only be used by employees with a regular employment contract and by pensioners. All other categories (unemployed, unemployed, employees without a regular employment contract and self-employed workers) can not request the assignment of the fifth.

The solution therefore for these subjects remains the loan with bills. Its operation is very similar to the most classic of loans with the difference that the reimbursement will not take place through the payment of monthly installments but through the payment of bills.

Thus, the 2018 loans can be paid to bad payers and protestors. For what reason can a loan with bills of exchange be granted to a person who can not take advantage of the traditional credit? The answer to this question is the use of the bill.

The bill is an enforceable title and gives the creditor an important power: in the event that the debtor does not honor his debtor the creditor can make the request for seizure of the assets and the subsequent sale through an auction. The proceeds from the sale of the debtor’s assets will be used to cover the debt left open.

Having such power, always thanks to the bill, the creditor feels safer and manages to grant funding even in the most critical cases where in most cases the banks deny credit requests to their customers.

The financial companies that provide a loan with bills of exchange in 2018 are relatively few compared to the number of banks that allow access to credit in the most traditional way. We also remember that everything can also be done between individuals, the important thing is that the transaction is stipulated according to the agreements provided for by Italian law.