Loans with bills for bad payers are a type of loan that is always in demand, but that over time is falling into disuse.

Anyone who is an employee and needs almost immediate liquidity can apply for a loan that has been changed.

It is possible to request and evaluate your loan in the credit brokerage agencies regularly recognized by the Bank of Italy or by answering a few targeted questions on the websites of online companies even if at the moment we are not aware of credit companies that issue this type of loan.

Following careful checks and evaluations on the applicant’s financial history, credit institutions provide loans changed from 2500 to around 30000 euros.

The applicant employee can activate a loan that has been changed even if he already has other loans in place and has no obligation to state the reasons for the request.

Prestiti con Cambiali per Cattivi Pagatori

Once the financing has been established, it will be up to the credit promoter to carefully evaluate with the applicant the type of repayment amortization, if with an installment and fixed rate or installment and variable rate.

In the loan changed to bad payers, as already suggested by the name, the reimbursement will take place through bills on a monthly basis for a duration that varies from 12 months to 120 months, ie from 1 year to 10 years.

The changed loan, as per contract, is usually paid in two stages: a deposit, paid by banker’s check after 2-3 days from the signing of the contract and a final balance equal to the remaining amount on a cashier’s check sent to the domicile of the beneficiary or by bank transfer.

Some credit brokerage companies require an agency commission for the stipulation of the contract, also called the cost of investigation that, in some cases, is due at the time of signing the loan agreement, in other cases it is conveniently deferred and integrated into the monthly payment repayment of the loan itself.

Just like bad payers, in the same way even the protestors can succeed in obtaining a new line of credit to fulfill their dreams or to be able to achieve their projects with less anxiety. Delivery times can be fast enough, depending on the customer’s situation. In fact, we often hear about fast or even very fast loans where the customer can get the money on the day or in any case within 24 hours.