10 manga that were rewritten before publication

It is not uncommon for a manga series to receive a pilot chapter where the prototype story is released to gauge fan reaction before committing to the full series. Some of the most popular manga went through this process and released early drafts of their stories for the world to see.

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In many cases, these manga receive drastic rewrites that change the nature of what was originally written. Fans sometimes have a hard time noticing the resemblance of many of these pilot manga chapters.

ten The Promised Neverland was about a gangster named Leo

We were born East The Promised Neverland special pilot chapter that features a gangster named Leo who attempts to save a girl named Rita from the manipulative hands of her adoptive parent. At a glance, this story doesn’t have much in common with what fans ultimately figured out. The promised never-never landbut the stories seem to share a similar theme.

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We were born affirms that all life has a meaning and that each individual should be able to choose how they spend it. While the plot ended up changing, fans may recognize a similar sentiment that eventually made its way into The promised never-never land.

9 Shoyo Hinata didn’t care about volleyball in Haikyuu


Released in January 2011, the Haikyuu the manga pilot consists of 51 pages and more than a few changes from what fans ultimately know and love about the official Haikyuu manga. The one-shot, published in Jump Next, follows Kageyama instead of Hinata as the main character.

Unlike the eventual series, which features Hinata as an avid volleyball fanatic, the pilot gives fans a version of Hinata who has a natural athleticism but no real interest in the sport. Fans may feel even more betrayed by the fact that this version of Hinata isn’t short.

8 There were no walls in Attack On Titan

Zeke, the Beast Titan, controls the Pure Titans in Attack on Titan

The attack of the Titans Volume 0 is very different from what fans know The attack of the Titans to be. But at its core, it still revolves around a titan-fighting soldier with the ability to transform into a titan himself. One of the main differences in the story is its setting.

In Volume 0, humans build cities inside forests instead of walls thinking that titans were generally kind creatures and would avoid killing trees to reach them. While the general idea of ​​titans differs greatly from the actual manga, volume 0 still had its titans resulting from human extermination projects.

7 There have been major name changes in Kuroko No Basket

Kagami Taiga, Kise Ryouta and Kuroko Tetsuya from Kuroko's Basketball

the Kuroko no basket one-shot was published in the spring of 2007 in Akamaru Jump magazine. While the overall structure closely follows what fans ultimately got in the official Kuroko no basket manga, there have been a few minor changes along the way.

One of the biggest changes involves Kuroko’s title as the “Phantom Sixth Man” of the Generation of Miracles. In the One-Hit Pilot Chapter, Kuroko never gets this title and was instead considered a member of Miracles just like everyone else. This would eventually be changed in order to reinforce Kuroko’s theme of being a shadow.

6 Death Note had a reverse mechanism to bring people back to life

Death Note's Light Yagami writes names in his Death Note

the Story of Taro Kagamialso known as Death threat manga pilot, follows a 13-year-old boy who discovers the Death threat after confusing it with a simple diary. While writing the names of his classmates in what he assumed was a journal entry, Taro inadvertently kills a number of children who were bullying him.

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In this version, alongside the powers of the Death Note is the Death Eraser, which can be used to revive someone who was killed because of the notebook. The story ends with the burnt book and a jump of seven years where Ryuk and Taro read a new rumor. Death threat appearing elsewhere in the world.

5 Romance Dawn has become a play

Romance Dawn Rescaled

A play has one of the most famous pilot manga in manga history, having actually been animated as part of A play20th anniversary celebration. “romantic dawnis largely similar to what fans received, one of the main differences is the character of Shanks.

Fans know Shanks as a young red-haired pirate who protected Luffy from a powerful Sea King and gave him the classic Straw Hat. In One Piece manga pilot, the straw hat is from a much older man, similar in design to Vice Admiral Garp.

4 Naruto was a real fox

Naruto in fox cape

the original naruto the pilot manga had a lot in common with what fans eventually read, but with some notable differences. While fans still followed the titular Naruto, the boy was no longer a ninja with a fox sealed inside of him. Rather, he was an actual demon fox with the ability to transform into a young boy.

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The overall plot of the pilot followed Naruto as he attempts to befriend an artist and the artist’s assistant. The story has made a lot of changes, but at its core it stays true to the eventual themes that fans enjoy from naruto. One of the biggest constants between the two stories is Naruto’s love of a good bowl of ramen.

3 Bleach killed Orihime in the first chapter

orihime bleach

Unlike many manga pilots, fans haven’t had a chance to read Bleachuntil the official series has been approved and fully released. This pilot was only used as presentation material for the editors of Shonen Jump because, at that time, Tite Kubo was a recognized mangaka.

While much of this pilot remains the same as what fans ultimately read, Orihime’s fate changes significantly. She officially dies in the one-shot and is taken to Soul Society at the end of the story.

2 Kaneki was much more ruthless in Tokyo Ghoul

Ken Kaneki snaps his fingers in Tokyo Ghoul Root A

the tokyo ghoul one-shot pilot follows Kaneki and Touka as they work at what they assume is a normal restaurant, posing as humans while mischievously eating civilians at night. The story follows his encounter with a ghoul investigator which nearly results in his death before being saved by Touka.

The two reflect on their day, wondering if their restaurant manager knows their gruesome secret. But in a final twist, the chapter reveals that their manager is a hidden third ghoul, believing that his two young employees need to live a more low-key life.

1 Deku was an employee in My Hero Academia

Bakugo and Deku before their big fight - My Hero Academia

the my hero academia pilot chapter follows a man similar in appearance to Deku, but much older. Jack Midoriya is an employee who sells support technologies while dreaming of becoming a hero.

Although All Might does not exist in this version, Midoriya admires a hero who would make his way into the main series as Snipe. Fans can still appreciate the core of Midoriya, who is a brave person who ignores the fear in his heart.

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