‘Beyond the border’: Iranian scholar publishes Tajikistan travel diary

TEHRAN — An Iranian area studies graduate has published the account of his two trips to Tajikistan in a book titled “Beyond the Border.”

Ehsan Safarzadeh made the trips, which each lasted one month, in summer 2007 and winter 2016.

In a preface to the book published by the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), he refuses to call it a travelogue.

“Essentially, the book contains my travel memories written in the form of diaries, which do not follow one another”,

The main objective of the book is to increase readers’ knowledge of the Khorasan region and Transoxiana.

The first chapter starts from the Balkh Wilayat and continues by crossing the Amu Darya and the Farah Roud, two major rivers in Central Asia and Afghanistan. In the second chapter, the book focuses on Tajikistan.

In one of his diaries, Safarzadeh wrote: “During my stay, I never heard the people of Dushanbe say that they were listening to Tajiki Radio, a Tajik radio channel broadcast from the IRIB’s Khorasan center! “

“Later I found out that the radio had no signal in Dushanbe, and the townspeople listen to the BBC and Radio Azadi, the Afghan branch of the US government.

“A question arose for me, why there is nothing about Tajikistan in the Iranian media. There are some TV series [in Iran] in which a Tajik character has a minor role in their stories. There is no trace of the inhabitants of this part of the Khorasan region in the historical series. Even in the Iranian media, no news about Tajikistan has been published over the years.

“What is the reason for this? IRIB has no office or representation in Tajikistan? I asked. They said that IRIB has an office at such and such address. place; there was a half-abandoned building.

In the book, Safarzadeh also spoke about the Tajik media’s frequent references to Tajik President Emomali Rahmon, who has held the post since November 16, 1994.

According to the book, Rahmon is referred to as a “leader”, “master of the government” and “founder of peace” in the Tajik media.

Photo: Copies of the book “Beyond the Border” by Iranian researcher Ehsan Safarzadeh.


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