BINUS SCHOOL Simprug Announces Student Participation in International Scientific Publication on COVID-19

Jakarta, Indonesia, December 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – BINUS SCHOOL Simprug, an International Baccalaureate (IB) Wworld Sat school Indonesia, announces that 15 of their high school students participated in the creation of a scientific journal entitled Voice processing for COVID-19 scan and prognosis indicatorr.

BINUS SCHOOL Simprug Announces Student Participation in International Scientific Publication on COVID-19

Started in September 2020, the scientific research involved several names of experts and researchers from BINUS SCHOOL, like Dr. Savita Sondhi, Research coordinator at BINUS SCHOOL Simprug; Dr. Rinda Hedwig, head of the research interest group at BINUS University; and dr. Ashok Salhan, scientist of New Delhi, India. In October 2021, the scientific journal was published worldwide in Heliyon.

With the COVID-19 pandemic underway, the study examines and compares voice correlations between people infected with the COVID-19 virus and those uninfected. As we know, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in numerous losses in various sectors, including education. Based on the results of this study, Dr Savita and Dr Rinda plan to develop a mobile application capable of analyzing the human voice in real time to detect symptoms of COVID-19 in order to take corrective measures and necessary actions. .

Student enthusiasm: a key element of success

Dr Sondhi and the students as research assistants began the study in September 2020. It involved 36 volunteers, of which 16 volunteers were infected with COVID-19 and 20 volunteers were uninfected. During the research period which lasted May 2021, students have shown their enthusiasm in research, from analyzing and interpreting data to writing scientific reports.

Dr Sondhi explained that the key to successful research lies in the dedication of students and their courage to face challenges. “I saw the readiness of BINUS students SCHOOL Simprug by completing this research. Even during their vacation, our students still showed their dedication. Not only did they perform their duties, but they also showed great interest and great involvement in this research project. With this research published by Elsevier, BINUS SCHOOL Simprug students have started a new legacy, ”said Dr Sondhi.

Beyond the simple supply of academics, BINUS SCHOOL Simprug has led many initiatives and innovations to advance students in creativity, communication, leadership and character development. “We are continually developing new sources of creativity to overcome the educational challenges of online learning amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This also includes technological development for successful learning on all fronts, ”said Peter Matthieu Saïdi, director of BINUS SCHOOL Simprug.

Peter added: “We hope that these positive contributions from our students can have a positive impact on the younger generation of the country and the world.” From an academic point of view, participation in international scientific research can also increase the abilities of students to achieve their goals, to continue their studies in the university of their dreams, while inspiring people to innovate and have a better life.

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