book club will meet monthly in Traphill | News

A new book club called Reading Trap will meet at 5 p.m. on the first Thursday of each month at Roaring River Vineyards at 493 Brewer Mill Road in Trapill, starting in January.

The club’s flagship reading for January is Leonardo Sciascia’s detective story, Everyone to his own tastes. This book was released as a film, “We Still Kill the Old Way”, available on Prime TV.

Joining a book club is a great way to meet interesting people and combine an activity like reading with friendship.

Good books that you might not have heard of will be discussed and you will read things that you might not have read otherwise. Sometimes it’s fun just to chat. No matter how serious book clubs are, all book clubs involve gossip. This is how it should be.

Books bring people together, and book clubs are a great excuse to make and keep friends. It’s nice to have a mix of men and women in a club. For the sake of discussion, joining a book club gives you a helping hand to finish reading books.

Pre-registration or reading in advance is not required to join the Reading Trap. The name of the group is not intended to cause intimidation, not at all. Call 336-838-2818 ext. 241 for more information on the Reading Trap and to sign up for monthly emails on selected and recommended readings.

I can’t wait to read lots of books and share conversations with friends this year.

While focusing on your 2022 improvement plans, be sure to read. Joseph Addison, a 17th century essayist, is known for this quote: “Reading is for the mind, what exercise is for the body.

In other words, just as exercise stimulates your body to make you stronger, reading stimulates your mind and makes you smarter.

Another way to support a “save money” New Year’s resolution is to visit the library, where books and movies are on loan for free.

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