Boria Majumdar’s book reveals ex-IPL boss Lalit Modi’s high-flying lifestyle

S-class Mercedes cars were to be made available in Dharamsala and Nagpur when now-fugitive Lalit Modi visited those cities during his tenure as IPL commissioner as he would not be driving any other model, says a new book.

In “Maverick Commissioner: The IPL-Lalit Modi Saga”, Boria Majumdar also writes that once Modi left the country in May 2010, the hotel sent an invoice amount to BCCI which remained unpaid and to the board of directors. administration, which then had no sympathy. left for him, refused to erase it.

According to the author, these are examples for which the IPL has continued to be hated by many.

Despite cricket and the brand’s rising value, vulgar displays of opulence were always going to be an eyesore, he says.

High on success

“Lalit, who was riding high on success, didn’t see the writing on the wall and suffice it to say he became a victim of his own long-term success. In fact, for him those things were a Glamor and opulence were at the very core of the league’s existence and for Lalit, his actions were essential in making the IPL what it turned out to be,” he wrote.

The success of the first two seasons of IPL meant that Lalit Modi had risen to prominence and it was all down to his high-flying lifestyle, claims Majumdar.

“The vine says that for a match in Dharamsala which Lalit attended, his office had booked two Mercedes S-class cars from Delhi which drove to Himachal before landing there. He would not drive any other model and such an extravagance was become routine with Lalit,” he wrote.

It wasn’t the only time something as bizarre as this happened, the author says. “On another occasion, when he traveled to Nagpur to meet (Shashank Venkatesh) Manohar and watch an IPL match, his office had called to arrange for an S-class Mercedes. When told that the model n was not available in Nagpur, they booked a car from Hyderabad, which was driven to Orange City for Lalit to use,” he wrote.

Undisputed boss

Reserving an entire floor of a five-star hotel for himself had become second nature and no one within BCCI had the courage to object, according to the book published by Simon & Schuster. “Was he paying for the hotel out of his own funds or was it all at BCCI’s expense? Such questions did not arise and if anyone did, he would invoke the ire of the establishment. Lalit Modi had become synonymous with questioning the IPL and with the league generating record funds for the BCCI, no criticism of any kind was welcome,” Majumdar writes.

The book goes on to describe how the IPL, which was perhaps the biggest gamble of Lalit Modi’s life, turned out to be the greatest achievement of all time, making him a cult figure in the sporting echelons. global. “And by creating the IPL, Modi ended up breathing new life into cricket in India and beyond. Cricketers found a new voice and marketers found a new investment opportunity. Broadcasters found a magical product and BCCI has found its golden goose.

“While Modi had to give up everything within a few years and leave India for good, his imprint remained, making him one of the best-known figures in the Indian cricket administration,” the report said.

Majumdar says that while there are no straight answers to many questions regarding Lalit Modi and the unsolved mysteries at key times in her life, it is important to dig deeper and seek out some of those answers.

“In doing so, you end up discovering a man who was both a genius and a maverick. His actions cannot always be described in black and white and that is what adds to the aura of Lalit Modi” , he said.

“Maverick Commissioner” is set to be made into a movie soon by Vibri Motion Pictures.

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