Brotherhood: Australian pub rock pioneer book reveals missing link for AC / DC singer Bon Scott

The book Brotherhood has been published with new full interviews of all living members of the group, their entourage and historical interviews with Bon

Brotherhood quickly rose to prominence in the Australian music industry after its formation in 1970. Led by bassist Bruce Howe, the perfectionist, alongside seasoned guitarist Mick Jurd, the band was synonymous with the quality of their live performances and of their original material. Each member was a wanted member. -after experienced performer: John Bisset, master of the drawbars on the Hammond organ, John Freeman, with the industry’s best right foot on drums and singer Bon Scott, who rose to world fame with AC / DC. With the help of manager Hamish Henry, the Adelaide-based Brotherhood soon performed with such artists as Deep Purple, Manfred Mann, Free and headlining Hamish Henry’s 1971 Myponga Music Festival with Black Sabbath.

Brotherhood continued to evolve musically, eventually adding the extraordinary elusive harp, Uncle John Eyers, and multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Sam See to the lineup. After defeating Sherbet and Jeff St John in the prestigious National Battle of the Sounds competition in 1971, Fraternity was awarded the No. 1 Group Title in Australia. Brotherhood performed with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra before moving on to find success in the UK and Europe. Their complex musical arrangements and originality influenced subsequent generations, including some of Australia’s greatest musicians such as later members Jimmy Barnes and Swanee.

For the first time in 50 years, the story of Brotherhood is told in their own words and this important lost chapter in Australian music history is revealed.

Adelaide historian, music promoter and doctoral student, Victor Marshall has produced live music events with some of Australia’s greatest performers and is now co-director of The Grape Organization which has led Fraternity and many other prominent Australian bands. since the late 1960s. Victor has worked with original Fraternity manager Hamish Henry on restoring the band’s albums, singles, and releasing newly discovered recordings in a 3CD box set for Cherry Red UK. (The only official CD available)

Space Lab 9 will also be releasing the 3x Fraternity albums on vinyl. (The only official vinyl release since the original pressings in 1971 and 1972)

Now the official Brotherhood Biography has been released with full and exclusive new interviews with all living members of the group and their entourage, recently uncovered historical interviews with Bon Scott, recently discovered photographs and many other primary source material. . This book was applauded by Australian critics for using only primary resources and interviewing key people who were part of Bon’s life at the time. This 521-page book is the unspeakable missing link to Bon Scott’s story. The story of Brotherhood truly gives fans a better understanding of Bon Scott’s musical years of training and the group that supported and influenced his musical growth to become one of rock’s greatest leaders of all time.

Earlier this year, Brotherhood celebrated its 50th anniversary at a sold-out Thebarton theater in Adelaide with Chain, Spectrum and The Masters Apprentices. World-renowned singer Vince Contarino of Zep Boys has led a group of former Brotherhood members and others, performing a stellar ensemble of Brotherhood songs. The band have received messages from some of the biggest names in music such as AC / DC’s Brian Johnson who remembers meeting the band in 1973 on a cold winter night.

Author Victor Marshall: “I am proud to work with the original members of the Fellowship. It is an honor to be entrusted with their history and their musical works. Overall, the project took over 4 years to complete. Over the years since the band split up, Brotherhood has been operated with countless bootlegs, even imposters, and has never made any money from its work. When I met them all one by one, it became evident over the years that their story had been hijacked and sensationalized due to reporters’ interest in lead singer Bon Scott. Bon Scott was a real person, sometimes writers and reporters forget that he has real family and real friends who are touched every time something great is written about him. It is for this reason that Fellowship members have refused to participate in the talks so far. I hope that the CD box and the book will set the record straight, give Fraternité its history again and that they can be proud of their music and their achievements.

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