Cheeky burglars run away with four high-value bikes in Willow Brook raid

One of the bicycles taken, pictured outside the store before the break-in.

A high-end bicycle shop in Bradley Stoke is offering a ‘big payoff’ after four mountain bikes estimated to be worth more than £ 16,000 were stolen in a brazen heist.

The Giant Bristol store at Willow Brook Shopping Center, which faces Bradley Stoke Way and is directly below the centre’s security check room, was raided around 9 p.m. on Sunday, September 19.

Police said two men broke into the store and seized four distinctive high-value mountain bikes.

Photo of a broken window in a door.
Broken glass in the door of the bicycle shop through which the entrance was forced

Entrance was made by smashing a pane of glass in an exterior door on the side of the store that faces the main road.

The centre’s security control room is open 24/7 and the door the thieves forced is in plain view of one of the centre’s CCTV cameras.

It is understood that the thieves were able to seize the bikes and walk north to Bradley Stoke Way before security personnel arrived at the scene.

There is a suggestion that they may have crossed the main road and entered the woods on the opposite side, but this has not been confirmed by police.

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When asked how long it took for police to respond to the incident, a force spokesperson told the Journal:

“Unfortunately, when this was reported at 9:05 pm, all units were engaged. The first unit available and subsequently shipped was at 9:34 p.m. The area was searched but there was no sign of the offenders.

The spokesperson added:

“Crime scene investigators performed a forensic examination of the store and CCTV was examined. The investigation is continuing. “

Photo of a “reward” poster in a window.
A poster on display at the store asks, “Did you see anything?” Big reward for the information leading to the return of the bikes ”.

Giant store staff said one of the stolen bikes was considered “the only one of its kind in the country.”

The types of Giant brand bicycle models that were stolen during the raid were listed as follows:

  • Reign Advanced Pro 29
  • Trance 29 3
  • Trance X Advanced Pro 29 Carbon
  • Reign 29

Anyone who has seen these bikes or witnessed the break-in should call 101 and give the reference number 5221218452.

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