Cindy Rogers’ new ‘Wild at Heart’ children’s book is out, a touching story of friendship and finding a place in the world without compromising personality

Cindy Rogers’ “Wild at Heart” has been released worldwide. This 48-page children’s book is based on the author’s real-life experience working at an animal rescue farm in Georgia, where she met a special dog named Maybel. Maybel arrives at the farm one day, a wild dog who survived alone in the surrounding woods, and Cindy is instantly in love. Maybel befriends the other farm animals, but returns to the woods after each visit. Their connection grows as Cindy bathes and feeds her new companion, and after a trip to California and the arrival of Cindy’s first grandchild, Maybel officially becomes part of the family! All the while, Cindy remembers Maybel’s wild origins and knows the woods will always be a part of who she is.

This story, paired with elegant illustrations by Ros Webb, provides a heartwarming message for readers of all ages. Not only can true friendship and connection happen when you least expect it, but it can also happen without sacrificing what makes every human and animal unique! Readers will be inspired by the bond that Cindy and Maybel share, and by Maybel’s free spirit. Anyone can learn something from this story and see how they can find deep connections – but stay a little wild at the same time.

The heart that is in Desert (ISBN: 9781737612384) can be purchased from retailers worldwide, including and Amazon. The Kindle ebook retails for $6.99. Bulk orders for the upcoming paperback are available through BookBaby.

From the back cover:

Maybel is a wild dog who finds an unlikely home… A touching story about rescue, friendship and staying wild.

About the Author:

After raising her two children with husband Brian in Los Angeles, Cindy Rogers traded her busy, hectic life in California for a quieter life at The Rogers Farm. Located at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the farm is a sanctuary for 40 rescued animals and a center for yoga and wellness retreats. When they’re not tending to her animals and her vegetable garden in Georgia, Cindy and her dog Maybel are in Santa Monica, spending time with their favorite companion, Leo, Cindy’s first grandchild.

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