Clif Taylor Launches Book on Practical Inner Truth and Mindfulness Techniques

Connected Spirit Publications celebrated its 15th anniversary with the release of “Clear, Calm & Open” – a book on healing and mindfulness techniques. It is available in PDF format for readers who wish to raise their awareness.

Clear, Calm, and Open, a new book written by Clif Taylor, is the latest in a series of books that span audiences and categories. Clif has previously written for children, but also offers a range of personal growth options to help readers create more meaningful lives.

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With the release of the new book, readers can discover and apply a healing technique that encompasses a wide range of mind, body, and spirit training practices. The book’s lessons can be used in yoga, meditation, and prayer, and provide guidance for readers who wish to find clarity.

Because it is a practical guide to a healing technique, it is also available for anyone who wants to train on other platforms. These include webinars, podcasts and videos, as well as personal training sessions.

The author describes the technique as achieving the physical experience of being clear, calm, and open. Readers putting the methods into practice will experience a clear endpoint and become one with themselves and the world around them.

Connected Spirit Publications has published Clif’s work in partnership with Gold Leaf Press since 2006. His books, which began with Connect, are varied but have a clear message for readers.

Connect covers the journey Taylor has been on accessing messages, love and wisdom from those in heaven. This process led him to discover the foundations of his latest work, which discusses the role that technique plays in the search for spiritual enlightenment.

His previous works have also encompassed tales of adventure, including “Wheels Up”, his account of experiences in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. It gives readers a glimpse into the feel of war from a unique civilian perspective.

Clif Taylor says, “15 years later, I’m still reaping the rewards and joy of accepting heaven’s program without imposing my own. As I strive to share the messages and wisdom in the pages of literary works published by Connected Spirit Publications, I am grateful for the inspiration to share more over the next 15 years.

To celebrate the release of the new book, Clif has designed a quiz for readers. It’s a chance for them to discover how intuitive they are and how intuitive they could be.

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