Colleges open with low attendance, most students ignoring protocol

BHOPAL: Colleges in Madhya Pradesh opened after a hiatus of about 17 months on Wednesday with low attendance. Most of the students who made it to colleges were largely unaware of the Covid protocols. Most of the students reached their colleges without their parents’ letter of consent. Professors and other staff were careful enough to stop students at the front door and ask for the parental consent letter and Covid certificate.

This has happened at most colleges, including MVM College, MLB College, and Nutan College. “The students came in very small numbers. Most of them forgot to bring their parents’ consent letter. However, they received a warning and asked them to come with the consent letter the next day, but were allowed to enter the university, ”said Professor RS Raghuvanshi. The students also forgot to bring their Covid vaccination certificates but no one was refused entry, he added.

At MLB College and Nutan College, non-varsity staff have been on campus to ensure students do not congregate in one location and violate Covid standards. However, the crowds of students outside of colleges have thrown the Covid standards to the winds. The courses have been delivered in such a way that the online courses also run.

At some colleges, freshmen also arrived on campus but were fired by college staff. Classes for first year students will begin on October 1. Higher Education Minister Mohan Yadav reiterated that online and offline classes will run simultaneously and students could even take classes at home and they do not have to come to the university. .

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Posted on: Wednesday, September 15, 2021, 10:40 p.m. IST

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