Delivery man assaults security guard in latest incident in Noida

A clash erupted between a delivery man and the caretaker of a housing company in Noida Sector 39 | ANI

In what has now apparently become a routine scene in Noida, a fight broke out on Sunday between a food delivery man and a security guard to enter a Noida company. The incident reportedly took place in Sector 39 of Noida.

A video of the incident, captured on CCTV, has gone viral on social media and the two men can be seen exchanging blows and attacking each other with sticks.

The guard, who seems quite old, was asking for the delivery address and due to a confirmation problem he did not allow the delivery person to enter.

Apparently there was first a verbal altercation between the two, following which the delivery man started pushing, punching and kicking the security guard. The guard then fired back.

The accused were identified as Sabi Singh, a food delivery man from Sadarpur and Ram Vinay, a security guard. They were convicted under Section 151 CRPC (Disturbing the Peace) of the Indian Penal Code and were brought before the District Magistrate on Sunday.

Such scenes have become increasingly common in Noida.

On Saturday, a woman was filmed assaulting an Ajnara Homes security guard in Noida Phase II. In September this year, Sutapa Das, a teacher, could be seen getting out of her car, waving her finger in anger and walking towards the company security guard, before repeatedly slapping him.

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