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Wednesday, December 15, 2021 6:00 a.m.


Susan wilson

Susan Wilson is Content and Communications Specialist at ICAS.

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The past year marked many milestones as the world went through another 12 months of the Covid pandemic, with large-scale but uneven access to life-saving vaccines, economies temporarily reopening and attempts to mix up new ways of working. normal and old.

Amidst all these uncertainties, ICAS CA magazine – our business and finance magazine for chartered accountants – has strived throughout the year to bring relevant, timely and engaging content to our readership.

We started by presenting the challenges of 2020 as well as the opportunities of 2021, and throughout the year, we focused on many of our thought leadership priorities, including: equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) through our the diversity edition and our may Mental Health editing; durability through our June edition; Technology in our November edition; confidence and ethics throughout the year; and the cover of Roles of the Board in pandemic recovery.

2021 also marked the first full year that CA magazine went fully digital, following our relaunch 2020 in partnership with The River Group. The new look of CA magazine continued on its way to a stronger focus on digital content and social media engagement to ensure our readers can access our content on the channel of their choice.

Now distributed digitally to all 22,000 ICAS members, as well as students in training for their CA qualification, CA Magazine is our platform for influential thought leadership and our means to strengthen ICAS’s voice in the community. business and finance community, and beyond.

We’ve rounded up our ten most read articles of 2021 for those new to the magazine and those looking to dive back into it.

Here are the highlights of this year.

Top 10 most read articles in CA magazine in 2021

  1. Best of Show: Niall McCallum CA, CFO of BrewDog, explains why goal drives the success of the Ellon-based beer maker.
  2. We live in the age of warrior accountants‘: Gillian Tett on how businesses have a chance to recover from the pandemic and the central role of finance professionals.
  3. Cross the ground: Sara Glass CA after a successful career in the private sector to become CFO of the Scottish Parliament.
  4. More than a numbers game: Anne-Marie Imafidon, CEO of Stemettes, on a mission to make careers at Stem open and welcoming to all.
  5. The never-ending story: Three CAs from the film industry on the big screen decisive moment in the post-pandemic recovery.
  6. Avant-garde: Three CAs from the fashion industry on the possibility of recovering from the pandemic in a profitable and sustainable manner.
  7. The shape of water: Natalie Campbell, CEO of Belu, on how the ethical bottled water company weathered the pandemic.
  8. What time is it Mr. Wolf?: Martin Wolf CBE, Chief Economics Commentator at the Financial Times, on post-pandemic life, Brexit and issues with stakeholder capitalism.
  9. Electric dreams: Ren Baletti CA, Senior Manager for Electric Vehicles, Strategy at EDF Energy, explains why the utility giant will fuel the UK’s transformation to a zero-emission economy.
  10. Leader of the pack: Mindy Lubber, President and CEO of Ceres, on why the private sector needs to act on climate change now or risk being left behind.

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