Donna Riccardo’s first book, “Public Speaking for Entrepreneurs” is a bestseller on Amazon

Denver, CO, United States – September 1, 2021 – Speaker and entrepreneur, Donna Ricardo, published his first book “Public speaking for entrepreneurs”. “Public speaking for entrepreneurs” is a new version available on Amazon as part of the self-publishing service, nationally and internationally, and achieved bestseller status on August 29, 2021. Riccardo launched his book alongside 11 Eleven other authors who have teamed up this year to create a world record for most authors to publish separate books on the same day. The group honored the milestone of becoming bestselling authors all together in a live celebration.

“Public speaking for entrepreneurs” speaks to the millions of entrepreneurs who feel like the best kept secret and teaches how public speaking gets you and is much easier than the one-on-one way of doing things entrepreneurs have become accustomed to or are doing they have even been trained to do so.

“What makes speaking as an entrepreneur different is that you speak to sell something,” says Riccardo. “Of course, you may feel a little vulnerable, especially if you’ve pulled it out of your guts and built your business out of your experience and expertise. But, when you spend time preparing yourself to position yourself as accessible and experienced in what you do – two things you already know how to do – it becomes easy for people to want to do business with you ”.

“Public speaking for entrepreneurs” walks you through everything you need to rock the scene, sell yourself, and sell your products or services.

Inside “Public speaking for entrepreneurs”, You’re going to learn:

• How to manage your mind and yourself in front of the room

• Be clear on what it takes to engage your audience and keep their attention

• To create a signature speech to introduce yourself, talk and get what you want

• How to find places to speak and what is expected of you

Riccardo was part of a team of twelve authors who came together to achieve the same goal on the same day, attempting to set a world record. The twelve best-selling authors are: Stephanie Angle, Dr Latanya Benjamin, Pamela Good, Brooke Hengst, Carolina Herrera, Dr Wendy Labat, Christine McKay, Melanie McSally, Conni Ponturo, Donna Riccardo, Dagmar Torres and Angel Tuccy.

Donna Riccardo’s book is available at

About Donna Riccardo

Donna Riccardo is a speaker, communications coach and speaker trainer with over 30 years of experience. Donna is a qualified NLP practitioner, member of the National Speakers Association and an 11-year veteran of the public speaking organization, Toastmasters. Donna won the highest honor of Distinguished Toastmaster. She lives with her husband and pets in Denver, Colorado. His company, Red Stiletto: Get to the Point, trains entrepreneurs at all speaking levels to have more confidence, clarity and power in their public speaking.

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