Edmonton author Lorna Schultz Nicholson publishes 45th book


Lorna Schultz Nicholson is known for her hockey and children’s books, but her latest fictional novel centers around a sport close to her heart, rowing.
Nicholson, who is married to Bob Nicholson of the Oilers Foundation, now resides in Edmonton. She spoke to Global Edmonton about her latest book this week.
She said When you least expect it is her most personal novel among her 45 publications. The story is based on an Olympic rower, a sport Nicholson knows very well. Nicholson began her rowing career in high school, which led to her coaching the sport at the University of Victoria.

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Oilers fans are a boon to downtown restaurants – October 13, 2021 “It was very exciting writing that,” Lorna said with a smile. “I really enjoy writing the rowing scenes. Like when she’s in the boat and paddling. And I really like the relationship between her and my main character, Holly and the gentleman who trains her.

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Being out of the sport for nearly 30 years, this novel was an outlet for Nicholson to hide behind. The main character – and she – relived some of the highlights and painful memories of her career.

“I had my crews on the water – then this sudden storm hit and two of the boys died,” she said.

“Over the years, I have thought so long and hard about the parents of these boys and the grief they must have endured during that time. Back then I didn’t have kids and once I had my kids it really made a difference for me.

With the help of a wonderful editor, Lorna was challenged to dig deep into the places she was afraid to go. After questions were asked, Lorna said:

“OK, I think I can take it a step further here, I think I can do it. It had to come in layers because it was difficult to do.

The fictional novel “When You Least Expect It” hits local Audrey’s bookstore. Lorna Shultz Nicholson If anything, she said this novel was a way to heal from such a tragic event.

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And like the journey of many professional athletes, his career has had its ups and downs. Readers will be able to follow along as the main character uncovers himself and what it takes to make his dreams come true.

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“I’m not someone who sticks to one genre, so I’m not the mystery writer who just writes the mystery book. I tend to write down what I feel that touches me and what comes to me and then I go from there. So I do non-fiction as well as fiction and that’s a fun element for me.

Although she told Global News she has a book that many Edmontonians can get excited about: a book that will hit shelves next year.

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“I have one on Joey Moss coming out next fall for the folks in Edmonton. I’m so excited they have the school named after him and I’m really, really excited for this book. It is a picture book for children.

Nicholson is a big believer in everything local, so Global asked where can you get a copy?

“I believe in local shopping, I’ll say Audrey’s bookstore is full of books – so you can go to Audrey’s and pick up the book.”


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