Efficiency expert Desiree Shaw launches new book to help small business owners optimize their operations

Less than a month after its launch, the new book titled Next Level: The Step-by-Step Guide to Your Small Business Operations is already a #1 bestseller in several categories including commerce, business, accounting management, etc.

August 3, 2022 – Desiree Martinez Shaw is the author of a new business guide that helps small business operators improve the efficiency of their processes and services. The Effectiveness Expert is a licensed real estate broker and accomplished professional with extensive experience in business operations, management, organizational development and leadership development.

According to Desiree, efficiency is an essential element that determines the survival and growth rate of any business. The management expert goes further by revealing that it’s also one of those tricky things that can quickly start slipping away when not monitored on a regular basis.

Most service businesses understand the need to streamline their operations for better efficiency, as this ultimately results in better business growth. However, finding the right consultants with a solid understanding of the nuances of their business can be difficult or extremely expensive.

Through her new book, Next Level: The Step-by-Step Guide to Your Small Business Operations, Desiree unveiled strategic approaches service-based business operators can take to methodically assess their current state and update their processes. , to align perfectly with their company vision.

The new book is a practical 3-step guide that business owners can use to redefine their management style and customize workflows, tasks and processes to better fit their business culture. single enterprise. It also teaches proactive practices to reduce the need for reactive ones, as well as steps to refine operational procedures to evolve with business growth and changing market conditions.

“This book will teach you how to properly look at your customer experience from an efficiency perspective and also help you delegate anything that takes you away from what you’re passionate about,” says Desiree Martinez Shaw.

Less than a month after its release, Next Level: The Step-by-Step Guide to Your Small Business Operations shot to No. 1 in sales across multiple categories, including commerce, business, management accounting, business operations and small business accounting. .

The new book is currently available for purchase on Amazon and can be accessed via the following link: https://www.amazon.com/NEXT-LEVEL-STEP-STEP-OPERATIONS.

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Desiree Martinez Shaw is an author, licensed real estate broker, and accomplished business professional with extensive experience managing businesses at various levels. The seasoned entrepreneur is the founder of Shaw Co. Solutions, LLC – a business operations consulting and management coaching firm, and has a charming and enigmatic personality that helps him captivate and inspire his clientele and colleagues. After studying accounting at UCLA, Desiree earned a BA in Interior Design, as well as a Masters in Business Administration. With a high level of technical and business acumen and marketing flair – demonstrated by an outstanding track record of achievement, Desiree uses her wealth of experience and knowledge to help transform individuals into magnets of success in all walks of life. .

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