Elemental Witchcraft: Audio-Visual Meditation: The Room in Your Mind

The following is an excerpt from my book Elemental Witchcraft: A Guide to Living a Magical Life Through the Elements (Llewellyn 2021, pages 56-58). It is an introduction to a daily meditation practice with the five elements. With the help of world-traveling musician Pranavam Das, we put this meditation to music and created a guided audio-visual experience for my YouTube channel. I made this video on my own altar at home. My plan is to produce all the meditations and guided rituals in my books this way. If you want more content, please subscribe to my channel Heron Michelle: Witch on Fire.

The meditation room in your mind

The purpose of cultivating a daily meditation practice is to achieve a mind at rest. Then you are ready to run your usual day efficiently. In every action, through every observation, you will be open to the wonder of the revealed universe that was always there, surrounding you. The difference is that your eyes can now see, your mind can now understand, because it is properly prepared and open to receive.


  • Candle, any kind.
  • Incense you like, any type.
  • A comfortable chair with armrests, if possible.
  • Your Journal from the Book of Mirrors and a pen.

Light your candle and incense, then sit comfortably in a chair that allows your spine to be perpendicular to the floor. Your thighs should be parallel to the ground, feet flat. Hold nothing crossed or with awkward tension.

Heron’s Working Altar for Meditation 1: The Room in Your Mind

Practice :

Close your eyes and imagine a cozy little room in your own head. Imagine your consciousness as a small version of your most magical self, sitting in your comfortable chair. Your eyes are a window on a wall away from this room of you now.

Look around the room. See it’s a perfect room for you, decorated just the way you like it. You are surrounded by comfort. (Pause) Here you are sitting in a comfortable meditation chair, away from this window. Far from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

It is quiet and still here in the inner sanctum of your mind. Any distracting noises or extraneous thoughts are just birds flying past that distant window… release them carelessly.

There is a skylight above and a soft beam of white light shines on your head.

Begin with three deep, exaggerated breaths. Let out an audible sigh as you release any pent up tension. (pause now, slow, deep breaths through the nose and through the mouth….

Feel the energy of the environment all around you. White light of every color shines through this skylight, gently holding you in its beam. The light enters your breath, through your nose, works its way through your whole body until you radiate.

Allow this energy to flow where it is needed. Simply observe, seated comfortably, breathing deeply.

With each exhale, gently release anything that is not serving your highest good. The blow on the breath. (pause)

Breathe in the light flowing into your mental body and your mind opens. Exhale the illusions that blind your eyes from the truth. Blow out the illusion like smoke.

Breathe in the light flowing through your emotional body and your heart becomes calm. Exhale grief and sorrow. Blow out this pain like smoke.

Breathe in the light that enters your Body of Will, and your fires are kindled. Exhale the guilt that hinders right action. Push the guilt away like smoke.

Inhale the light that your Physical Body and you are at rest. Exhale the fear that causes suffering. Blow out fear like smoke.

Breathe in the light flowing into your spiritual body and you are comfortable on all levels. All fatal obstacles fly away and the air clears. You are complete and rejuvenated.

Rest here and enjoy an additional 10 minutes of quiet meditation. When you’re ready to resume your day, walk to the window and open your eyes. Stretch. Complete your journal entry for the day in your book of mirrors. Snuff out your candle when you’re done.

~ Heron

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