Elizabeth Jia’s New Book Explores Common Ground During COVID-19

Chicago, Illinois – December 20, 2021 – Artist and author Elizabeth Jia has announced that her new book, “Panda’s Love, Our Common Ground: The 2020 Journal from Understanding America to Understanding China,” is scheduled for release on January 8. 2021 worldwide. The hardcover is currently available for preorder on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and other bookstores.

Elizabeth’s book chronicles her life as a Chinese woman living in the United States in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic. It covers one year of her, life starting in 2020 until March 11, 2021. The story is representative of a large number of Asians living in the United States who love their homeland and the country in which they now reside. , but are troubled by the misunderstandings and misconceptions that plague society.

Readers have the opportunity to see his life before the pandemic and how things were before the virus became the world’s leading headline. In a world held hostage by fear, death and confinement, Elizabeth tries to stay optimistic and inspire others.

Elizabeth writes in vivid detail about the paintings she creates and the photos she takes. The author brings the taste and aroma of the daily meals she’s cooked to life, and readers are by her side as she watches TV and movies. It’s an enlightening look at how she found happiness while also experiencing her own very real struggles.

Individuals will see the world from a new perspective through Elizabeth’s eyes and her wish for the world at large. She leaves puzzles hidden within the book that readers discover on their own that will hopefully lead to a better understanding of themselves and others.

Endorsed by Professor Jeffery and Sonia Sachs of Columbia University, “Elizabeth Jia’s first year Covid diary is a wonderfully colorful, upbeat, delightful and artistic response to the dreary, tragic and infuriating days of lockdown. Indeed, it is much more than that. It is a celebration of the two cultures of Jia – Chinese and American – and a wonderful bridge between them. Savor the drawings, recipes, pictures with friends and extracts from classical Chinese wisdom. Above all, enjoy this rare treat, at a time when we so much need enthusiastic bridge builders like Elizabeth Jia. “

For more information visit: https://www.amazon.com/Love-Panda-Common-Ground-Understanding/dp/166781642X

About Elizabeth Jia

The author is a globalist with international experience and a well-known artist who combines painting, traditional Chinese watercolors, photography, culinary art and fashion design. She has been named one of the 100 Most Influential Contemporary Chinese Artists, a Chinese National Painter, and is a member of the Calligraphers Association. Jia is vice president of the US-China Culture and Art Center. Among her many accomplishments, she was named one of the 60 Chinese Notables in the United States for 2015 by “Mandarin Leader”. She is a member of many organizations including the prestigious Chinese Painter and Calligrapher Association (CPCA) which honors extraordinary Chinese artists from around the world. Jia made her debut with her design “The Elizabeth” during Midwest Fashion Week. She has been running educational cultural programs with the non-profit International Women Associates since 2012. Jia received her Masters in International Management from the University of Illinois at Chicago and her BA in Broadcasting Art Direction from the China University of Communication.

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