Ener House Publishers publishes children’s book on teamwork

Esteemed author Rene Rawls and talented illustrator Brittnie Brotzman have come together to produce a children’s book that teaches the values ​​of life through an African proverb.

North America – December 17, 2021 – Most children are unable to sit still for a long classroom lesson on why they should or should not behave in a certain way, or what values ​​they should emphasize in their lives. The beauty of proverbs is that the symbolism is interwoven into their words, getting to the heart of the matter, and they give advice and moral to children in a way they can understand. Sule the detective of the proverb: the affair of the tied lion is the first of its kind from.

Maison Ener publishers; he follows protagonist Sule as he investigates the meaning of the African proverb, “When cobwebs unite, they can tie a lion.”

Ener House Publishers is led by author Rene Rawls whose mission is to educate through character education, culture and critical thinking. Sule the detective of the proverb: the affair of the tied lion gives children the opportunity to learn more about teamwork by reading the story of Sule solving his first case. The main character, Sule, 10, is a proverbial sleuth who travels the world to help children solve their problems using proverbs. He is a lively personality, using his wit and humor to entertain and educate readers of all ages. In this edition, Sule must prevent Fara from canceling the class party by teaching her the meaning of the proverb focus.

“Children often look at proverbs and idioms literally. This story is a great way to teach them the wisdom of proverbs, ”says a Goodreads reviewer.

Sule the detective of the proverb: the affair of the tied lion provides beautifully appealing illustrations and details that often pop off the pages. The book also contains research and research activities that are sure to engage the reader in the search for clues. “Brotzman’s interactive cartoon illustrations make great use of market colors; the objects (and Sule himself) are well-defined and fun to locate, and the silly details are sure to elicit laughs, ”reads a star-studded review of Kirkus.

Sule the detective of the proverb: the affair of the tied lion is 40 pages and hardcover printed, recommended for ages six to ten.

ISBN: 9781735547909

Release Date: October 7, 2021

About René Rawls:

René is a former teacher turned writer who now has a classroom full of students from all over the world! Her work has been recognized by several programs, including the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and she received the 1st Annual Mandela Day / Tribeca All Access Award where she wrote and produced the animated film Sule and the Case of the Tiny Sparks . Renée loves to capture these fun and magical learning moments in her work, and her heart melts when kids ask her to create more content.

About Brittnie Brotzman:

Brittnie is a digital artist with a long career in animation and games, creating art concepts, character designs, backgrounds, and storyboards. However, storytelling has always been her passion and creating illustrations for children’s books is where she is happiest. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Animation / Illustration program at San José State University. She lives with her husband, daughter and 3 cats in San Jose, California.

For more information on Ener House Publishers and Sule the detective proverb, visit the site here. To schedule an interview or contact Rene Rawls, please write to [email protected]

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