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Senior Pastor Chance Sumner and the Community Bible Church will host a free course open to the public covering apologetics in defending one’s faith.

Topics include “The War Over There”, “Introduction to the Worldview”, and “Tactics”.

Sumner said Christian followers should be prepared to provide the logical and rational basis for their faith.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, apologetics is systematic argumentative discourse in defense of something and a branch of theology devoted to defending the divine origin and authority of Christianity.

“The backstory of the event is cool too,” Sumner said.

Stone resident Scott Granville has been a member of the church for some time and tells the story of the Free Course – Bill Benesh’s Last Will. William “Bill” Benesh’s obituary indicated that books filled his house covering philosophy, art, Greeks and Romans, books by Milton and Dante and books about books. He often doubted his salvation because he could not hold his faith like a page in a book.

“Bill was so integral to his faith in Christ,” Granville said. “He was a bit of an intellectual and he wondered about Christ and faith. Bill left his entire estate to CBC, to pay for scholarships to attend the Christian WorldView conference. The closest is in Colorado Springs.

Granville said the conference scholarships are about $1,200 per student, primarily for ages 16 to 25, for those in senior high school through college.

“His desire for scholarships for students and to help pay adults to attend conferences came from his personal experience of Summit Ministries answering his questions about the Bible, Jesus and the Christian faith,” Granville said. . “Pierre’s three-day course is a condensed version, a kind of sample. It will be time well spent.

Teachers from the Summit Ministries organization will lead the “Powered by Summit” event at the church, beginning Jan. 21 at 6 p.m. and continuing Jan. 22. The church will present examples of training as part of the sermons during Sunday services in January. 23.

Summit Ministries helps young adults think critically about the Christian faith, take ownership of what they believe in, and then live it with courage and conviction.

Summit Ministries director Tripp Almon grew up in a Christian home, then battled the tidal wave of cultural ideas that washed over him when he went to college. He had to learn that Christianity can not only sustain itself, but also rise in the marketplace of ideas.

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