Highland Council announces competition for students from Caithness and the rest of the region to name a new hydroelectric generator on the River Ness that uses an Archimedean screw to harness energy from the water flow

Highland Council invites young people to name a new hydroelectric generator and interactive tour experience on the River Ness.

The generator uses an Archimedean screw to harness the energy of the water flowing in the waterway.

The building and the interactive visitor experience are developed to inspire people and the board invites students from Highland schools to design a poster and come up with a name that captures the main themes of the hydropower project: sustainability, renewable energy, climate change and STEM learning.

The competition is open to any pupil or group of pupils, from primary or secondary schools in the Highlands, and extracurricular or extracurricular clubs may also participate.

Councilor John Finlayson, chair of the council’s education committee, encourages schools to participate. He said: “This exciting new hydropower project will serve as a beacon for the Highland Council’s response to climate change.

“It will work for many years to come, so we expect our young people to get creative. It is quite a challenge to find a suitable name and poster design that captures the essence of this ambitious project. , but I have every confidence in the talents of our students, the schedule is tight as the deadline is just over a week away, so good luck.

In addition to the chance to nominate a flagship attraction, which will operate for over 50 years, the winning class will also receive the following prizes:

• A free activity for the whole class offered by Highlife Highland;

• A plaque on the program with the name of the school and class details to highlight the program designation assistance;

• A 3D model of the Hydro diagram for the classroom to keep.

In addition to the winning entry, the top 10 poster designs will be placed on site during hydropower construction to help educate the public and inspire builders.

To participate, students must design their poster – which must include their chosen name for the hydroelectric project – and send it by email, as a document, pdf, or photo, by Friday, November 5, at [email protected] All entries sent by email should also include details of everyone involved in the design.

• For more information on the hydro initiative, visit here.

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