Hollywood Book Reviews Featured The Unknown: A Taste of the Dead by author Castello Gilbert

Hollywood Book Reviews Featured Author Castello Gilbert The unknown: a taste of the dead, a fictional tale that introduced concepts that every reader finds familiar: death and loss. The book received a lot of positive reviews, but the hype around it has been unquestionable and sure enough has made one of the Hollywood critics Christina Avina anxious to get her hands on it.

“It’s a novel written in a unique way. The mixture of fiction with the implementation of the author’s character in the main character of Thalamus made for quite an interesting and thought-provoking read. The author’s almost spiritual and philosophical exploration of death and the creative nature of the story itself made it quite a fascinating experience, ”writes Avina.

If you want to delve deep into the experiences of death, Gilbert’s book offers a wide range of perspectives. He helps readers think about the phenomenon through many different lenses.

Avina added, “This is the perfect read for those who enjoy spiritual and philosophical fictional stories that explore a truly engaging subject such as death, and how death can sometimes lead to living life to the fullest. The author’s use of images and a steady pace in the narrative make readers really pay attention to the overall theme and message, and make for a fairly engaging read ”.

This moving book takes readers on an emotional yet light journey of grief, death, and acceptance of the inevitable. For the Hollywood Reviewer, it’s a masterful, thoughtful, and breathtaking story that will truly grab readers with its original story.

The unknown: a taste of the dead, talks about Thalamus, a boy who witnesses death, at an early age. He finds himself in a coma; while in his coma, he remembers the death episodes not only of his life but of his wife. With the help of supporting characters Savanna Samantha, Tony Gabriel, and Daniela, Thalamus comes to an unexpected conclusion to his search.

Gilbert’s story is an enriching read. It can help you cope with grief at many stages of your life. If you are interested in the subject of death, or if you need to learn more to support someone you love, or if you are experiencing death through someone else’s eyes ” The unknown: a taste of the dead, offers this opportunity.

This book is an exciting and rewarding read, you learn more about yourself and how you perceive death. The unknown: a taste of the dead, is one of the books recommended to help you on your path to accepting death or to mourn a loved one.

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