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Dear everybody in Kentucky, you have an important vote to take by Monday night, and it concerns red mullet.

The USA Mullet Championships, which took place for the first time last year, will crown a child and teenager with the best business-in-the-front, party-in-the-back hairstyle in the country, and the Bluegrass State is well represented among the finalists.

The winner of each division takes home at least $ 1,000 (The Courier Journal contacted a representative of the USA Mullet Championships to clarify if each division has a $ 1,000 award or also a $ 2,500 award), which may pay for many hair care products to maintain. the flow … or haircuts to get rid of it.

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Voting began Tuesday and ends at 11:59 p.m. ET on Monday, with fans able to vote once per day by email address.

Visit to vote in the Kids and Teens division, which saw a total of 500 nominees reduced by Facebook voting to 25 kids finalists and 10 teens finalists.

Two youngsters from Kentucky advanced to the final round: Darren Fentress of Mount Washington and Easton Campbell of Greenville.

And in the teenage division, Kentucky is represented by three finalists, the most of any state: Leonard Brown, from Artemus; Gavin Mesalam, of Versailles; and Cash McCoy, of Louisa.

Darren, the 2-year-old from Mount Washington in Bullitt County, “feels it’s no coincidence that Bullitt rhymes with mullet,” as The Pioneer News reported in an article on the local boy ( whose last name is also listed as Clark).

The boy’s grandmother, Sherry Gentry, told the Shepherdsville-based newspaper that she refers to her grandson as a cuter version of Joe Dirt, with his hair cut into a mohawk and spiky with a full mullet in the back with shaved stripes in the sides.

“We thought it was cute, and mules are making a comeback,” Gentry told Pioneer News. “When we were on a family vacation, there were teenagers admiring her hair.”

Easton, from Greenville in Muhlenberg County in western Kentucky, started growing his mule last year when the COVID-19 pandemic shut down many things. (The mullet trend has indeed gained traction during the pandemic, with Governor Andy Beshear even briefly endorsing the hairstyle.)

His mother, Heather, told WBKR she was thinking, “Well, no one is really going to see him right now, so okay.”

After finding out about the USA Mullet Championships through a few friends who tagged her on Facebook about it and seeing that the entry fee was only $ 10, the mother entered Easton, whose age n ‘ was not mentioned or provided on the competition website.

According to WBKR, an Owensboro-based country music radio station, on one of the first days of this school year, a vice-principal at Easton Elementary School saw the mule and asked the boy: party? ‘”

Without missing a beat, Easton replied, ‘It’s business all week, partying on the weekend. “”

Easton is the only finalist with a two-tone mullet, as he “rocks blonde tips,” and his mother is a hairdresser herself, as the WBKR article noted.

On the teenage side, Leonard “LD” Brown, from Artemus in Knox County in eastern Kentucky, has been working on his “Kentucky Waterfall” for two years and is reportedly using the $ 1,000 grand prize to purchase waterfall accessories. off-road motorcycle, reported The Mountain Advocate.

This isn’t the first time the teen has entered a contest with his mullet, with Leonard also being a finalist in the Rooster Tail Mullet Contest at the World Chicken Festival last month in London.

More information on Gavin Mesalem, of Versailles, was not immediately available, but his photo on the USA Mullet Championships website reveals beautiful brunette hair that chooses to keep the sides longer rather than cut them , as many boys do these days.

As a teenager from Woodford County, Gavin also appears to be good at riding and participating in National Horse Cutting Association events, according to articles online.

Last but not least is Cash McCoy, who is listed on the Championship website as being from Paintsville but is actually from Louisa in Lawrence County, according to the family.

Photos of the 13-year-old on the USA Mullet Championships website reveal a red-haired teenager who knows how to let off steam on the saxophone, so the competition better beware of Cash.

“He loves music, works on cars and video games,” his father, Mitchell Ryan McCoy, told the Courier Journal in a message. “He’s full of laughter. He started growing his hair out when the pandemic started. I hope more people will support his Kentucky stunt… And he loves boxing and is part of his school band.”

Indiana is also pictured in the championships, with 9-year-old Greyson Reynolds of Indianapolis full of swagger and confidence as he shows off his dirty blonde mullet and a few missing front teeth to the nation, reported the ‘IndyStar.

Kentucky did not appear to be represented in the “Femullet” division for women, but in the men’s division of the mullet competition, which ended a few weeks ago, Scott Collard of Beaver Dam in County L Ohio, represented Kentucky as a finalist.

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