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His bucket list had only two entries.

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First, he wanted to spend so much time with his son Griffith, who has returned from California to Lincoln and lives two houses down the road.

Second, he pledged to finish his novel, a first-person story about a punk rocker tasked with saving the world in “Da Vinci Code” style called “Tangent, Cracking the Builder’s Code”.

“With this cancer diagnosis hanging over my head, it really motivated me,” he said. “I wrote most of the novel while on chemotherapy. I would literally throw up, gargle with Listerine, then start writing again. I was done in about three months.

“It just came out of me.”

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His reason was simple. He wanted to leave a piece of himself with his family, most of whom have not yet been born.

“I wanted to leave it as a legacy to my son and also to future grandchildren whom I might never meet,” he said. “I wanted something tangible – a book they could hold in their hands. Something they would know their grandfather or father wrote.”

However, something happened as he continued with his daily writing ritual. He started to feel better. The cancer that doctors thought would soon start to spread to all parts of her body has started to subside. Make no mistake, he still has the disease, in remission but considered incurable. However, her life expectancy has dropped from a few months to several years.


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