India set to launch its first private rocket from Nov 12-16

Skyroot Aerospace Co-Founders Pawan Kumar Chandana and Naga Bharath Daka, and ISRO President Dr. S. Somanath at the ‘Prarambh’ Mission Unveiling | Twitter/@SkyrootA

New Delhi: India’s first privately developed rocket – Vikram-S – is set to launch between November 12 and 16, Hyderabad-based space startup Skyroot Aerospace announced on Tuesday.

The aerospace of the next mission is called Prarambh:

Skyroot Aerospace’s first mission, codenamed “Prarambh” (The Beginning), will carry three customer payloads and is expected to launch from the Indian Space Research Organization’s launch pad in Sriharikota.

“A launch window between November 12 and 16 has been notified by authorities, with the final date confirmed depending on weather conditions,” said Skyroot Aerospace CEO and co-founder Pawan Kumar Chandana.

India’s first private space company Skyroot Aerospace is about to launch a rocket into space:

With this mission, Skyroot Aerospace is set to become the first private space company in India to launch a rocket into space, heralding a new era for the space sector, which was opened in 2020 to facilitate private sector participation. .

“The Vikram-S rocket is a single-stage sub-orbital launch vehicle that would carry three customer payloads and help test and validate the majority of technologies in the Vikram series of space launch vehicles,” said Naga Bharath Daka, director of operating Skyroot Aerospace, said in a statement.

Chandana said that Skyroot could build and prepare the Vikram-S rocket mission in such a short time only with the invaluable support from ISRO and IN-SPACe (Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Center). ‘space).

A tribute to Vikram Sarabhai:

Skyroot’s launch vehicles are named “Vikram” in honor of the founder of the Indian space program, the famous scientist Vikram Sarabhai.

Based in Hyderabad, Skyroot builds state-of-the-art space launch vehicles to launch commercial satellites into space. It aims to disrupt the barriers to entry into profitable satellite launch services and spaceflight by advancing its mission to make spaceflight affordable, reliable and regular for everyone, the statement said.

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