Indianapolis Slam Poetry Mental Health – Overcoming Trauma/Anxiety Book Launch

Aisha Tariqa Abdul Haqq has released her second collection of poetry, titled Acres of Shadow. The Indianapolis-based poet explains that she wrote the book during a time of mental health struggles.

Having experienced the healing nature of poetry, Aisha Tariqa Abdul Haqq writes with the aim of helping those who are currently experiencing difficulties in their own lives. With her new collection, she aims to help others continue their healing journey to overcome trauma, stress or anxiety.

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The new collection has dark themes, as it reflects how she felt at the time of writing. It reflects her exploration of light and the struggle to overcome trauma to rebuild her life.

His first book of poetry was written at a time of upheaval and discovery. Titled Four Years in Chrysalis, it expresses her journey through life as she questions her purpose and challenges her processes.

Now she seeks to inspire others through her work, whether they are dealing with their own mental health issues or simply navigating their own path in life.

Readers are encouraged to connect with her on social media, where she can be found on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter under the username @AishaTariqa.

Aisha Tariqa Abdul Haqq explains that poetry has the power to touch the heart of the reader. To that end, she writes about universal experiences, making sure she can reach as many people as possible.

His readers can access his work through both volumes and use the words to understand their pain or their challenges.

Aisha Tariqa Abdul Haqq is known for her vulnerable and lively storytelling. She writes poems that linger after the reader has finished, and she continually focuses on helping ease the pain readers are experiencing.

She says, “I wrote down what I saw: the darkness around me and within me. However, through the faith of others who gave their lives as an example to follow, I discovered that light is what makes shadow. And hope is always present even in great loss and fear. Hope is what we cling to as we walk through Acres of Shadow; I hope there is somewhere a way out of this darkness.

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