John J. Murray encourages people to be better than their pets in his new book, “Better Than Our Dogs”

Better than our dogs” addresses everyday challenges and issues in a humorous way so that pet owners can learn from examples of their pets.

Dating: Anyone who has owned a dog knows that dogs are similar in nature to human beings. John J. Murray tackles this in the most hilarious way in his new book, “Better than our dogs.”

The book focuses on teaching people ways to be better than their pets when it comes to getting things done in life. Each chapter provides readers with challenges, advice, solutions to problems, and examples of things they can do to transform their lives.

“The book focuses on how we can build a better relationship with the people around us and with God. Each chapter is accompanied by an illustration to highlight the issues in a humorous way so that readers can relate to them. It then provides us with solutions that can be implemented in our daily lives. It gives examples of how our pet dogs use their creativity to solve problems and things we can learn from them,” commented a spokesperson for John J. Murray, speaking about the contents of the book and what Murray had in mind when he wrote it.

John J. Murray believes there is a lot to learn from their pets and incorporate these treats into their daily lives. The book can be purchased on Amazon.

“Better Than Our Dogs” is self-published by John J. Murray Jr.

ISBN: 9780578747934

Posted: August 13, 2020

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