Letters from Saturday: Why the long delay in deportation of the Nazis?

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In Thursday’s Edmonton Journal, an article by Adrian Humphreys details Canada’s current attempt to expel Helmut Oberlander, another Nazi war criminal who lied to gain Canadian citizenship. His flock of lawyers are arguing as usual: too old, too sick to travel, waste of resources, abuse of process, et cetera. I disagree and think he should be fired tomorrow.


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The real reason for this letter, however, is as follows. Why did the government take over 35 years to try to get rid of this man? Thirty-five fruitless years. Unbelievable. Maybe it will take that long to change the Immigration Department, its rules and laws to become responsive and efficient. So based on all of this, Meng Wanzhou should feel safe to make long term plans in Canada.

Rick Nenn, Edmonton

Desperately needed vaccination mandate

The last press conference with Minister Shandro and Dr Hinshaw was a gong show. There have been no announcements to help tackle the catastrophic increase in COVID cases and Tyler Shandro’s response to questions from reporters has been totally jaded. It is important that we are all specific when asking questions and demanding answers about vaccination mandates versus vaccination passports.


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Warrants are requirements to limit entry to workplaces when an employer requires it or to enter non-essential public spaces such as restaurants or cinemas. Vaccine passports are proof that such a requirement has been met. A vaccination mandate will result in safe places for vaccinated citizens and a strong incentive for people to get vaccinated.

Alberta desperately needs to follow the rest of Canada and urgently implement a provincial mandate for non-core public areas.

Randy Gurlock, Edmonton

The unvaccinated should pay for their own care

Are people who have not received a COVID-19 vaccine proud that their selfish behavior has caused major surgeries to be canceled? I saw on the news that a young man with brain cancer had his operation canceled on Wednesday; I wish people who end up in hospital would have to pay for their care because it is their fault that they contracted COVID-19.


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Cathy Rainey, Edmonton

Don’t give hospitals to unvaxxed

Elective surgeries are being postponed again as our overburdened healthcare system is devoted to treating COVID cases.

Now we have heard how a young man with brain cancer had his surgery called off a day before it took place. When did brain cancer surgery become elective? The really elective part of this equation are the people who choose not to get the vaccine. Why do we prioritize the limited resources of our health care system?

Our healthcare system cannot be solely dedicated to treating COVID patients, and more particularly those who choose not to be vaccinated.

Connie Shelley, Edmonton

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