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Seasonal Work: Stories of Laura Lippman

The award-winning master of psychological suspense is in top form in this collection of diverse and devilishly clever stories. In the never-before-seen “Just One More”, a married couple – longing for that old romantic spark – create a playful diversion that has unintended consequences. Plus, there are seven other brilliantly crafted stories of deception, murder, dangerous games, and love gone wrong.

All Day is Long by David Sanchez

David has a spirit that never stops racing. He reads Dante and Moby Dick, he sinks into Hemingway and fights with Milton. But on the Gulf Coast of Florida, one can unknowingly slip into the deep waters. At the age of 14, David runs away from home to chase a girl and, on his journey, tries crack cocaine for the first time. He is instantly addicted. Over the next decade, he struggles to get out of prison and rehab, trying to make sense of the world.

The Divine Stone by Violette Malan

Fenra Lowens has been an active practitioner, using healing magic ever since she graduated from the White Court and left town to live in the Outer Modes. When one of his patients, Arlyn Albainil, is summoned to the City to execute the final will of a distant cousin, she agrees to help him. Arlyn suspects that the White Court wants access to her cousin’s Practitioner safe. Arlyn cannot ignore the summoning: he knows the chest contains an artifact so dangerous that he cannot allow it to be released.

Outcasts of Wildwood by Rachel Atwood

Nick, an orphan raised at Locksley Abbey, befriended the Wildfolk: the Greenman, Robin Goodfellow, dryads, water spirits and other paranormal creatures. He often hides in the almost forgotten crypt of the abbey, where he found Elena, the goddess of sorcery, crossroads and graveyards. He carries his ship and tries to learn from his wisdom.


Breath Better Spent: Living Black Girlhood by DaMaris B. Hill

At a time when black girls across the country are increasingly vulnerable to unjust violence, wrongful incarceration, and unnoticed disappearance, Hill chooses to celebrate and protect the girl she carries, using the narrative style in verse from her acclaimed book “A Bound Woman is a Dangerous Thing” to revisit her youth. There, jelly sandals, Dutch double beats and chipped nail polish bring the breath of laughter; in adolescence, pomegranate lips , turntables and love letters to other girls’ boyfriends bring the breath of desire.

Confessions of a Puppetmaster: A Hollywood Memoir of Ghouls, Guts, and Gonzo Filmmaking by Charles Band and Adam Felber

Zombies, aliens, a bit of skin, a whole lot of gore—and even more laughs—the Charles Band Cinematic Universe is legendary. From the toilet-encroaching creatures of Ghoulies to the time-traveling bounty hunter in Trancers to the pandemic-crushed Corona Zombies, Band has spent four decades giving B-movie fans exactly what they love. In Confessions of a Puppetmaster, this likeable master of Grindhouse cinema tells his own, uncut story.

The Debt Trap: How Student Loans Became a National Disaster by Josh Mitchell

Over the next four decades, the student loan industry created by Sallie Mae and Congress exploded into a crisis that would submerge a generation of Americans in $1.5 trillion in student debt. In The Debt Trap, Wall Street Journal reporter Josh Mitchell tells the “vivid and compelling” untold story (Chicago Tribune) of the scandals, scams, predatory actors and government malpractices that created the monster that the one of its original architects called it a “monster.”

Learning About Birds: A Midlife Adventure by Susan Fox Rogers

When the birds first called, Rogers was in a low season of his life. The woods and rivers that fascinated his young self had lost some of their luster. It was the song of a thrush that awoke Rogers, sparking a long-held desire to know the birds that accompanied her as she climbed and paddled, to know more deeply about the world around her. Fueled by her curiosity, she followed the birds as they drew her deeper into her authentic self, and ultimately into love.


Fluffy McWhiskers Cuteness Explosion by Stephen W. Martin

This is the story of Fluffy, a beautiful and sweet kitten. Fluffy is so incredibly precious that anyone looking at her might explode with cuteness. Fluffy wants to make new friends and play with others. Being so cute sometimes makes her sad. She tries to dress up, but that doesn’t work either, she’s still too cute. Read the story to find out how Fluffy can solve her cuteness problem.

Age: 4-8 years old

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