Looking back on August 25

100 years ago: 1921

The Auburn YMCA foundations are starting to look like business as the formwork has been removed from the concrete along the facade and the top of the granite base. The window frames are in place as they are bonded to the concrete and already give an idea of ​​the appearance of the facade.

50 years ago: 1971

The Central Maine Vocational Technical Institute is entering its eighth year of existence with a new director but the same philosophy service in the industry community and in the region. Nelson Ingalls, the new director of the Institute, said of the school: “We train people at two different levels. The first is the entry level, the provision of skills to an individual to make him employable. The majority of our programs in this area take two years. The second level is for people who already have a job and are here because of their own interest or at the request of their employer for a skills upgrade. ”

25 years ago: 1996

Carthage may not be exactly on the beaten track, but more than 2,000 people have come to the village to celebrate the annual Carthage Heritage Day. The day began with a parade in which Norman Jamison and his family took first place for their “Heidi” themed float. A second place ribbon was awarded to the Carthage Historical Society, whose “Back to School” float featured one of Berry Mills’ first teachers, Nina Byron, over 90 years old. Sherry Knox and her family won the third place ribbon for their ‘Best Time in School: Recess’ float. Sherry played schoolteacher, while her son, Dustin Knox, wore a donkey cap and sat in detention. “The parade was just fantastic,” said Brenda Flagg, who handled advertising for the committees. “The theme was ‘School Days’, but everyone was pretty creative with the way they interpreted it.”

The material used in Looking Back is produced exactly as it originally appeared, although spelling mistakes and errors can be corrected.

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