Lorain County native launches book with meet and greet

A native of Lorain organized a signing session for Elyria for her first publication.

Tahneisha’s book “Neicee” Jordan “Behind Closed Doors” became available for purchase earlier this month.

“It’s a new space for me, but I’ve had so much support it’s unreal,” she said. “It was absolutely brilliant.”

The book signing took place on October 30 at Classie Cakes by Yvonne, 5324 Abbe Road N. in Elyria.

Neicee Jordan autographs a copy of her first publication.

Although Jordan lives in North Carolina, she says Lorain must have been where the book came out.

“This is home,” she said. “This is where everything, good and bad, happened, so I had to make sure I brought it here to my support system first.”

The book reveals the trauma and abuse suffered by Jordan as a child.

She says unveiling the truth was a major challenge for her.

“I didn’t even tell my parents about it until 22 years later and it was embarrassing at first,” Jordan said. “I didn’t want to destroy my family but it was time for me to let them out.”

Jordan says writing the book set her free.

“I feel so different before I write and get rid of this,” she said. “Being able to forgive those who hurt you and start to verbalize your trauma really works.”

She says her goal is for the book to change the lives of her readers

“I hope those who read the book will be touched by it,” Jordan said. “I hope this inspires them to open up so that they can express what may have happened, or what is happening now, in their lives.”

The signing session took place inside Classie Cakes by Yvonne, in Elyria.

Classie Cakes owner Yvonne Atkinson says supporting the community is important to her business.

“I always try to help and support those around me in any way I can,” she said. “Whether it’s hosting something here or hosting after-hours events, I do what I can to support. “

Atkinson says she loves the way her business keeps her connected.

“One of the best things about having my bakery is being able to stay in touch with people I’ve known all my life,” she said. “I love being in the community where I grew up. “

To purchase Jordan’s book, log on to iamneiceej.com or Amazon.

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