Marilyn’s Nightclub Raises Funds for Ukraine Red Cross Appeal

A nightclub in Evesham is hosting a special night to raise money for the Ukrainian people.

Marilyn’s nightclub on Bridge Street will donate all entry money on Saturday night to the British Red Cross’ Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

Marilyn’s manager Sam Benjamin thinks the club should use their position to raise money for this important cause.

He said: “I have no personal connection to the conflict, but I want us as a company to be able to help where we can.

“Following the disturbing scenes seen in the news and on social media, like many other people, I want to help.”

He added: “Saturday nights are our biggest and most popular of the week, so we’ll use that as a springboard to raise as much money as possible.

“All entry fees and any additional donations from the evening will go directly to the Ukrainian Red Cross crisis appeal. We are hoping to raise around one or two thousand pounds.

“They will in turn use the funds to provide humanitarian support to vulnerable people affected. This will include food, water, medicine, shelter and clothing.

The BRC launched an emergency appeal for funds last week to support the Ukrainian Red Cross, the International Committee of the Red Cross and other Red Cross and Red Crescent partners working in border countries. .

Luke Tredget, Head of Emergencies at the BRC, said: “The heightened uncertainty is weighing heavily on people.

“Ensuring the delivery of essential services is our top priority right now.

“As our teams take shelter across the country, we reiterate that humanitarian actors must continue to have access to communities, and that essential people and services are respected at all times.”

Doors open at Marilyn’s at 10.30pm on Saturday March 5th and further information can be found on the club’s Facebook page.

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