‘Mattress Mack’ bets $5 million on Super Bowl

Mattress Mack celebrated his 71st birthday Friday by doubling down on the Bengals with the biggest single bet he’s ever made.

Houston furniture store owner Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale placed a $5 million bet to win $8.5 million on Cincinnati to upset the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LVI.

He already had a $4.5m bet on the Bengals on the money line (+170) and now has a total of $9.5m to win $16.2m straddling Cincinnati during of Sunday’s game.

Mack crossed the border into Louisiana, where he stopped at a rest stop and placed the $5 million bet on his Caesars Sportsbook mobile app.

Caesars said it was the biggest bet the book had ever taken, eclipsing a $4.9 million bet on the St. Louis Rams on the money line (-900) on the Patriots. New England in Super Bowl XXXVI. The Patriots won 20-17.

“Caesar – at least for now – is a Rams fan,” Ken Fuchs, head of sports at Caesars Sportsbook, said in an email. “With nearly $10 million invested by Mack at this point, it’s impossible to sleep on his sentencing of the Bengals.

“His last bet of $5 million is the biggest bet ever. … We wish Mack the best with his game and can’t wait for Sunday’s kickoff.

The Rams are favorites by 4 points in Las Vegas sportsbook and -190 on the money line.

The bets on the Bengals are the latest in a long series of multi-million dollar hedge bets by Mack to offset potential losses on furniture promotions. In this case, customers are offered their money back on any purchase of $3,000 or more if Cincinnati wins.

Mack said he doubled down on the Bengals because the promotion, which has expanded from mattress sets to include most furniture in its stores, is doing very well.

“The sales were overdone so I had to buy more on the Bengals to cover myself,” he said. “The last three days of the promotion are always the most important. We exceeded the capacity of the bet by $4.5 million, so I had to bet another.

Mack won $2.7 million over Tampa Bay +3½ over Kansas City in last year’s Super Bowl to snap a losing streak that included $13 million in losing bets on the Houston Astros to win the Series World 2019.

Since cashing in his tickets on the Buccaneers, Mack has lost a total of $12.8 million in bets: $1 million on Houston to win the NCAA title, $2.4 million on Essential Quality to win the Kentucky Derby, $4 million on the Astros to win the World Series, $2.7 million on Alabama to win the College Football Playoff National Title Game, $2 million on the Patriots for to win the Super Bowl and $1.7 million over the Titans to win the Super Bowl (compensated by a $1 million win over the Bengals + 3½ over Tennessee in the divisional round).

“One of the reasons I picked the Bengals is that I think it’s a lot closer than the point spread or the money line would indicate,” he said. . “If you look at all these games this year, a lot of underdogs have won. Hopefully it will be a tight game decided in the last seconds, like all the others.

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