Navus Ventures invests in Zenon Energy

Investment for the rapid and continuous scale-up of its innovative battery system technologies

Arnhem, Netherlands – Navus Ventures and Zenon Energy today announced the start of their partnership and investment in Dutch energy storage infrastructure company Zenon Energy.

Zenon develops, designs and delivers comprehensive sustainable energy infrastructure solutions.

The company has developed its own energy storage architectures using titanium and LFP chemistries with proprietary airflow and battery construction techniques. The company was founded by Duan van t Slot and Christian Giannini and has gained outstanding advisors and investors with experience in energy infrastructure and a global network, and currently supplies the construction, horticulture, energy, and construction sectors. industry and retail.

“The investment is primarily aimed at increasing our production capacity and delivery speed,” says Duan van t Slot, Director of Zenon Energy. “We are only limited at this point by our production rate as our backlog spans 6 months and our pipeline is growing rapidly.”

“The investment in Zenon Energy fits perfectly with Navus’ focus on high-tech start-ups that drive sustainable transitions in food and energy,” said Jaap Zijlstra, chief investment officer at Navus Ventures. “Navus will actively support Zenon in its continued technology, supply chain, business and strategic development.”

About Zenon Energy:

Zenon Energy Europe BV (“Zenon”) is a builder of sustainable energy infrastructure offering tailor-made solutions to a wide range of customers. Our market-leading approach to cell-to-system construction with a scalable software platform can navigate and adapt to the changing policies and challenges of the renewable energy transition. Zenon Energy systems use proprietary battery modules design, which includes BMS and EMS software, and containerized system construction.

About Navus Ventures:

Navus Ventures BV (“Navus”) is a venture capital company of the Lely Group which targets high-tech and sustainable start-ups and scale-ups, and now mainly focuses on ongoing transitions in the areas of food and energy. Navus is not subject to entry or exit pressure, invests in both a typical venture capital setup as well as longer holding periods, and relies on the knowledge and network of the he family business, with a long history in the development of high-tech products and a thriving market for innovation. Our approach is practical and pragmatic, acting quickly and supporting management on strategic and operational issues.

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