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DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / September 29, 2021 / Digital media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok have become phenomena in mainstream pop culture. It’s a digital revolution that empowers countless industries, including content creation. From Issa Rae Awkward black girl web-series now HBO’s Unsafe, at Sarah Cooper’s viral TikTok which won her a Netflix comedy special, content creators are using the power of various online platforms to enter traditional and lucrative media spaces. With this kind of tantalizing success in sight, there is a race to capitalize on the innovative technology that apparently evolves on a daily basis.

Erica Barry, who grew up in the internet generation, is one who has seen innovators launch new technologies. Erica has watched digital media platforms, including Google-owned YouTube (NASDAQ: GOOGL), Facebook-owned Instagram (NASDAQ: FB), and ByteDance-owned TikTok, transform the entertainment industry firsthand. She saw the virtually limitless potential of such platforms available to content creators and decided to write her first book. Don’t wait, create: how to become a content creator in the new digital revolution. She provides a roadmap for aspiring content creators and shows them step by step how to work in digital content creation and find their creative voice.

One of the premises of the book is that because technology will continue to change media and offer an increasingly diverse array of social media platforms, content creators will need to know how to adapt to these changes. “It’s really exciting for us content creators,” says Erica. “For the first time in history, we have so many low-cost paths to reach a large audience. Our friends in the tech space are doing such an awesome job innovating all of these platforms that as writers we can create content for. We must capitalize on this and not wait! The book explains the rapid changes that have taken place in the industry in an easy to understand way.

Erica says YouTube, Instagram, or podcasts are all great places to start, as many successful media personalities of the past decade started their careers there. The advantage you have is that these places require minimal investment in production costs. You can create content for these platforms and you will no doubt see these kinds of technological opportunities increase over time. The book will show you how to leverage digital platforms to gain control and be successful, and it provides tips on how to shape your own digital identity.

In the past, you had to sign up to a narrow Hollywood-defined box for your content to be seen and monetized. The content we consumed, the celebrities we admired, and mainstream pop culture as a whole were all defined largely by invisible gatekeepers shrouded in Hollywood mystery and exclusivity. “This is no longer the case,” said Erica. “Now that we have more platforms, the floodgates are open for all types of content to enter the mainstream space. With the digital revolution, you have many viable possibilities for where your content can be. seen. Anyone, really, can start online. There are so many platforms, and there is no longer “one place” that controls what can be seen. Don’t wait, create speaks, you can use these platforms to release your content and chart your own game plan for success.

The intersection of content creation and digital platforms will continue to create opportunities for writers and techies, she says. “We are a remarkably creative company. With the revolution underway in the entertainment industry and online innovations, content writers have an incredible future, a future that I think will only get better. It’s a new frontier for content writers, that’s for sure, the one the book is about.

Don’t wait, create ultimately shows that digital entertainment platforms are revolutionizing the entertainment industry, and it gives readers a feel for what they can do with the power they can easily access online. There is so much to do in this digital age. It’s just a matter of where to start and where to start.

Don’t Wait, Create: How to Become a Content Creator in the New Digital Revolution is expected to be published by New Degree Press on August 30, 2021. For more information on the book and digital content creation, visit

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