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By JOLT staff

Whether you walk, drive, cycle, take the bus, or find another way to get around, there’s a new survey to help regional planners make more and better decisions about new roads, bus routes and more. Moreover.

To assess community needs, the Thurston Regional Planning Council (TRPC) encourages residents to take the program online. Transportation Priorities Survey.

In addition, the TRPC also sent a postcard to county residents that includes a link and barcode to the survey. The survey is available in English and Spanish.

The questions range from the type of transportation used by the respondent to the frequency of their trips. In addition, the survey also assesses whether the reliability of vehicles can affect a respondent’s professional and educational opportunities.

The TRPC is made up of 23 members from different jurisdictions and organizations. They usually hold monthly meetings to discuss and resolve issues related to the growth of the county.

In the past, the council had developed a regional travel request model as a guide to making informed decisions about which transportation services and infrastructure the county should invest in. These include support programs such as reduction of home-to-work trips, traffic impact studies, travel Demand management and evaluation of regional spatial planning and transport policies.

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