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A recent edition of the Ferndale Company.


The North Coast Journal, Humboldt County’s most widely distributed weekly, purchases another printed weekly, the venerable Ferndale Company, and intends to expand media coverage of the 143-year-old publication to Fortuna and the larger valley of the Eel River.

Caroline Titus, the current owner and publisher of the Company.

The two Newspaper and the Business announced the pending sale online Thursday afternoon, with Business owner / editor Caroline Titus saying she is happy and relieved.

“After putting more than 1,300 consecutive issues to bed, it’s time for me to take a break,” she said in the co-published post.

But Titus, who bought the newspaper in 1998 and operated as a virtual newsroom for one person for many years, will not retire. She plans to stay on board as a contributing editor and journalist, with Newspaper Editor-in-chief Thadeus Greenson takes over the editor-in-chief of the Business.

Contact by phone, Newspaper Owner and publisher Melissa Sanderson, who recently purchased the Newspaper in April, said she was thrilled and honored to be able to retain the Business Go.

“I was born and raised from Eel River Valley, and my grandfather was a dairy farmer,” Sanderson said. “I mean I have a little warmer place for the Business simply because of my connection with the valley of the river Eel, that with the Newspaper. I am very excited that [Titus] gave me this opportunity.

North Coast Journal owner and editor Melissa Sanderson and her hen. | Submitted.

Sanderson said the newspaper will continue to be distributed in print, available for purchase in a dozen prepaid boxes across town and supported financially primarily by subscribers. Business stories will not be posted online.

The deal will be official on October 1, according to the two newspapers. The Journal of parent company, North Coast Journal Inc. also publishes Humboldt insider and Humboldt Cannabis Magazine.

Sanderson said that the Business will always be called the Ferndale Business through the door, although once she is legally able to, she plans to simply shorten it to the Business.

As for the statement in the Business, Sanderson said, “Thad will lead the charge on editorial content in terms of news, using freelancers from Eel River Valley and our Newspaper Staff.”

Read more at Newspaper or the Business blog pages.

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