Oak Brook Center shooting incident official update

Authorities are still looking for an additional suspect. He is described as a black man with long dark dreadlocks who appears to be in his thirties, with an average build and average height. | Photo: Supplied.

OAK BROOK, Illinois – Authorities provided us with an official update on their investigation into the shooting Thursday night at one of metro Chicago’s busiest malls on Christmas Eve.

Officials estimate the mall was at over 80 percent of capacity at the time of the shooting.

Police told us that at approximately 5:44 p.m. on the second floor of the Nordstrom Wing near the Ann Taylor in Oakbrook Center Mall, an as yet unconfirmed number of shots were fired, injuring four people.

There were two suspected shooters and one individual listed as a companion who were involved in a confrontation which led to an exchange of gunfire.

“This is just a very unfortunate incident which is completely irrelevant to our region,” said Police Chief James Kruger.

The open-air mall is a major shopping destination about 15 miles west of Chicago. TV channels equipped with aerial cameras showed police cars and emergency vehicles spread across the property with their lights flashing.

An Oak Brook police officer working an additional detail at Nordstrom heard the gunshots and immediately responded to the scene. With the help of mutual aid police units and Oakbrook Center Security, the mall was locked down and two people involved were taken into custody.

One offender was shot four times: once in the left thigh, once in the right thigh, once in the right calf, and once in the lower back. Police immediately provided life-saving first aid to the suspect and the suspect underwent successful surgery and is expected to survive.

Four other injuries were reported.

Witnesses described a woman in her 40s who was shot in the left thigh, another woman in her 40s who was shot in the left thigh and a woman in her 20s who was shot in the right foot. The fifth victim, a woman in her twenties, broke her ankle while fleeing the scene.

The female bullet victims are all recovering at Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove, while the woman with the fractured ankle is at Elmhurst Hospital. All should be non-life threatening injuries.

Oak Brook police officers arrested a suspect as he attempted to leave the area.

Police have a suspected gunman and his companion in custody. There is a suspected gunman still at large. The offender in general is a black male with long dark dreadlocks who appears in his thirties, of average build and height.

Two weapons described as pistols and a vehicle registered in the name of one of the suspects were recovered from the scene.

The police secured the mall at around 11:55 p.m. and handed it over to the mall management.

Buyers interviewed as they were released said they hid in shops and locker rooms.

The investigation and search for the additional suspect is continuing.

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