On the Shoulders of Powerful Women, a bestselling book that teaches women how to create strategic alliances

Amazon bestselling author Lesley Michaels announces the launch of her latest book, On the Shoulders of Powerful Women: A Modern Feminist’s Guide to an Equitable and Diverse World. The book addresses many of the issues women have faced over the years, providing insightful insight into the various oppressions and challenges of women. Michaels has spent a lot of time understanding corporate culture and learning about the fierce competitiveness of women in the corporate world. She nurtured his entrepreneurial spirit and developed and sold many small businesses. Michaels had always studied human behavior. It was then that she noticed the immense distress women were going through in the corporate hemisphere. It was one of the main reasons she realized why women would quit. She realized that a change was needed or women would stop chasing their dreams and the industry would lose its merit. This inspired Michaels to publish this latest book, which offers several practical solutions for women to face life’s challenges, create an alliance and make strategic decisions.

“As the women stand up, it’s imperative that we reach out and lift one with us,” says Lesley Michaels. Her research found that women often lack confidence in their self-esteem, leading them to undervalue and misunderstand the abilities they already possess. This is one of the many reasons why female workers encounter difficulties at work; it also strongly contributes to professional gender inequality. The book emphasizes the development of strategic alliances as a growing number of women now show a keen interest in leadership and pursuing their goals. Readers have the opportunity to learn from Michaels and his expertise. Women will be better equipped to develop a strong network of alliances in different industries and businesses. It also teaches people to cultivate self-confidence. The book encourages women to learn the simple process based on brain science. It’s an inspiring book on how the system works and how it inspires dynamic effects. The book On the Shoulders of Powerful Women: A Modern Feminist’s Guide to an Equitable and Diverse World is available at https://lesleymichaels.com/meet-lesley/books.

Michaels’ book aims to help women who want to see themselves in different leadership positions. The book addresses several issues and challenges that women face in their lives, including unpaid work, equity issues, diversity, and issues related to fractured self-esteem. She invites individuals to take her assessment and uncover holes in their self-confidence at https://lesleymichaels.com/self-assessment-tool2.

The book also highlights feminism, what it is, what it isn’t, and how it benefits women. It focuses on the fact that millennials don’t want to be labeled as feminists. They recognize that men and women should be treated equally, but they refuse to call themselves feminists. According to different studies, it has been found that when millennials are asked about specific issues such as equal pay or equal opportunities, millennials recognize that the problems exist but still don’t believe it has anything to do with it. something to do with feminism. Michaels, through his speeches and his book, aims to resolve these confusions.

About the Author:

Lesley Michaels is a popular visionary leader, entrepreneur, speaker, changemaker and transformational coach. She is best known for her inspirational impact. From an early age, she was strongly influenced by her paternal grandmother. A dream at the age of 12 changed her life forever when she decided to pursue her dream. She envisioned creating a platform to bring women into an alliance. She started working on realizing her vision, and that’s what changed her whole life. Michaels quickly became a leader in the coaching industry. She has mentored and coached hundreds of women over the years, helping them overcome their fears and inhibitions at work and in life.

Lesley Michaels has always inspired women through her Women We Should Know podcast, events and coaching.

She provides a platform for women that helps build a creative alliance focused on empowering women, inspiring them with progressive ideas and practical advice, and helping them face life’s challenges. Lesley Michaels opened up her schedule by speaking for companies and events. Details are on her at www.LesleyMichaels.com

About the company:

The International Women’s Strategic Alliance (ISAOW) is about collaborative cooperation, social change and innovation. They are committed to fostering collaborative cooperation, innovation and social evolution. ISAOW’s strategy is to create a ripple effect – focusing attention on the powerful and authentic messages of strong, culturally insightful women. They are committed to helping these nuggets of freedom and self-love reach millions through educational talks, workshops, and mentorship.

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