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100 years ago

In DeLand, Mr. DB Troxel, who has been postmaster for the past twenty-four years, received word from Allen F. Moore, our congressman, that his reappointment had been confirmed by the United States Senate. The appointment is for four years and will be his seventh term.

Mansfield Church Activities… The Methodist Church is having Family Day this Sunday. Their attendance at Sunday School last week was 225. JE Evans is a pastor.

The revival of the Nazarene Church is now being held, and the congregation is looking forward to the best meeting that has ever taken place in this congregation. CV Stephenson, pastor.

Lindsey Chapel is planning a community meeting on Wednesday. Sunday school is at 2:30 p.m. with preaching service at 3 p.m. J. Fred Melvin, pastor.

Emmanuelle Mission Pastor JC Lightcap will speak on the spiritual significance of the Holy Place in the Tabernacle.

Mansfield businesses and merchants now include Mrs. Alice Christlieb’s millinery; carloads of Kentucky coal at Farmer’s Grain Co.; Lawson’s Cafe and Bakery; Dr. FL Kroner, dentist; Dr. Eugene Young, MD; Dr. DE Sisk, veterinarian; William House Hardware, Furniture Farm supply, Undertaking; AR Ross, grocer; Cash Supply Company, grocer; WE Peck Company, grocer; Charles Gordon Insurance Agency; WE Peck Company shoes; CF Warren, General Auctioneer; AG Vaughan Real Estate; Jones the Taylor; and Ed Metzler, hot stoves, ranges and furnaces.

Having started printing in 1882, The Mansfield Express is now celebrating 40 years in the newspaper business. Beginning with JW Hilligoss as editor, it will continue as it has been with the Hilligoss estate as owners and JR Watkins as editor and manager. Annual subscription, if paid in advance, is $2.00.

Compiled by Roger L. Wisegarver

75 years ago

Linden Combes buys the Hamman billiard room. Linden Combes, a World War II veteran, purchased the pool hall on E. Washington St. Frank Lilly, a prominent local farmer, died suddenly. He leaves his wife Anna, his son Archie and his daughter Lois. Sages led Okaw 8-0 and will face 2nd place Cerro Gordo on Friday. The Elders were defeated by Cerro Gordo in the Okaw Valley Tournament Championship Game.

Playing at the Bement Theater was “Cluny Brown” while the Lyric presented “Nocturne” with Geo. Raft. At Piggly Wiggly, the chuck roast was 39¢ a pound while the burger was 31¢.

Juanita Lindsley and Louis Higgins were married at Saint-Michel de Bement Church.

Mr and Mrs Carl Glasgow are parents to a son who was born on February 5 at Decatur & Macon County Hospital. Mr and Mrs Dale Fortner of Mansfield are the parents of a daughter named Judith Ann, who was born on January 30 at Kirby Hospital. She has two older sisters, Sue and Martha. A son was born Feb. 1 to Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Coon of Cisco.

ADS: 5 acres attached to Monticello with two-story house and basement, barn and $8000 garage. A&P offers canned corn and green beans – 15¢ a can.

A city taxi service was started in Monticello by Walter Younginger, with the call station located one door east of the First State Bank. It will also deliver parcels and groceries.

NH Trumbauer resigns from HS board of directors. He served on the Board of Directors for over 8 years. He accepted a position with the IRS in Champaign.

The city council passed a zoning ordinance which was the result of a year of work by the zoning commission presented to Chairman Bert Downey.

Compiled by Tim Maier

50 years ago

At its last meeting, City Council transacted minimal business, including holding two meetings to discuss the placement of streetlights in the addition and the development of Crestview on plans for Highway 72 and other freeway issues. The Board approved the renewal of a three-year lease on the land on which the airport is located at an amount of $1,620 per year.

Wednesday of this week was the scheduled opening date for First State Bank’s new bank facility. The climb is located at the corner of Main and Market in Monticello. Construction of the 450 square foot structure began early last fall, with final touches being made to the building and the vault being installed over the past few weeks. The structure has two direct access windows and one direct access, with arrangements being made for a third access to be added in the future should the need arise.

CG Holforty was named Chairman of the Board at the First State Bank of Monticello Annual Meeting of Shareholders last Tuesday evening at the Monticello Community Building. This is a newly created position as Holforty has served as President for the past few years. At the same time, FA Anderson was promoted from Vice President to Institutional President.

Compiled by Jack Stiverson

25 years ago

In December 1976, the federal government passed legislation that will force the United States to be a metric nation by 1983. The metric system is a reality in the United States, and the transition won’t be as difficult as many believe. Through the use of public schools, their facilities and their expertise, the general public as well as the student body can learn this new system of measurement.

Bill Storm and Charlie Giddings had to break the ice that interfered with the bacteria filter at the Monticello sewage treatment plant. The filter, stage of the last half of the preprocessing, does not work correctly. A recirculation pump is also frozen at the Monticello wastewater treatment plant. The freezing weather has created problems in the city facilities, but this should not affect the owner of the house.

Illinois Power Company said this week that while it is still able to supply natural gas to all of its firm customers, it acted under a contingency plan to cut delivery of natural gas by 17%. natural gas to 270 high-use industrial and commercial customers. Last week the company launched an intensive public information program to urge all gas customers to “conserve gas today so we have enough tomorrow”.

Compiled by Deanna O’Reilly

CORRECTION:We have been informed that this entry from last week happened 50 years ago, not 25 years ago as the JR printed it:

Two Country Companies insurance agents in Piatt County have qualified for the company’s prestigious All American team. Carrying out the honor were Dennis M. Davis, Monticello and John Wayne James, Mansfield.

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