Pandavkada Waterfall in Kharghar will remain closed during monsoon, decision of other falls will be made on Monday

While entry to Pandavkada Waterfall in Kharghar has been banned by the forest department, the decision on other major and minor tourist spots including Gadheshwar and Adai Falls in Panvel will be made on Monday. Pandavkada Waterfall is popular among trekkers during monsoon and a large number of revelers visit the hill region.

People from Mumbai, Thane, Raigad and Kalyan come to the waterfall during monsoon due to its beauty. However, in the past, cases of drowning have been reported. During the weekend, the waterfall witnesses huge footsteps. The waterfall has been banned for a few years.

According to an official from the Panvel Range Forest Department, Pandavkada Waterfall will be closed to visitors this year. The fall was closed to the public even during the pandemic. However, in June last year, a 21-year-old resident of Govandi died after venturing into the deep waters of the falls despite a ban. Due to frequent accidents, the Forest Service has decided to close the fall to the general public.

For the past two years, the Forest Department has banned entry for four months from June until the end of September.

“During heavy rains, the water level changes frequently at the watershed of the waterfall, no one can judge it accurately. People come for fun, and because of their mistakes, they encounter accidents,” said said the official.Last year, Kharghar Police had imposed CrPC Section 144, prohibiting tourists from visiting the place.

A Range Forest Officer (RFO) from Panvel said, “Pandavkada Waterfall does not have proper infrastructure. Thus, visitors have to climb the hills and cross the stream to reach the main area. However, all streams overflow during the monsoon. This leads to accidents when crossing them.

However, the decision does not sit well with revelers as they say that once a year they get the chance to connect with nature. “With certain security measures and restrictions, we should be allowed to go to the falls,” said Kharghar resident Prasad Mhtare.

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