Patrick Girondi, lauded gene therapy pioneer, book ‘Flight of the Rondone’ tops Wall Street Journal bestseller list

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, July 21, 2022 / — Patrick Girondi’s book, Flight of the Rondone, was featured as one of The Wall Street Journal’s bestsellers in the first week of July 2022 , in addition to reaching #1 on three Amazon bestseller lists; #1 on Barnes and Noble; and top 100 on USA Today.

Watch a one minute trailer for Flight of the Rondone here:

The book provides a critical overview of healthcare system navigation in the United States and Europe. Girondi describes having devoted the last thirty years to curing the two most common inherited blood diseases in the world, sickle cell anemia and thalassemia. He started this mission after his eldest son was diagnosed with thalassemia, a rare blood disease.

Girondi’s company delivered the world’s first commercial batch of a gene therapy vector for sickle cell anemia and thalassemia in 2010, before being sabotaged by Bluebird Bio and Third Rock Ventures. The story is a nail-biter filled with interesting facts that culminates in a brutal court case in which tens of millions of dollars in attorney fees are consumed.

The story focuses on the looting and insider trading committed by the executives of Third Rock Ventures and Bluebird Bio, which cost shareholders billions of dollars. Girondi’s early life story pivots on the Chicago exchanges where Girondi becomes an “Oprah” guest as a rags-to-riches story. After his son’s diagnosis, Girondi dives headfirst into the deep ocean of medical research and filthy, dishonest pharmaceutical brothers. The book culminates with the high-flying angel of the biotech world as its stock price plummeted from $235 to $5 a share.

Real Court Documents Prove Bluebird Bio Executives Knew They Had a Faulty and Dangerous Product, But Sabotaged Memorial Superior Gene Therapy Vector Sloan Kettering (Licensed by Girondi and San Rocco Therapeutics) and Shelved It .

San Rocco Therapeutics, the Girondi company founded in 1993, hopes to begin clinical trials with the improved vector in 2023.

“Flight of the Rondone” is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target, Barbara’s Books, and other online sites and bookstores.









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