Philogen Announces Publication of Clinical Data on PET with Proprietary Small Molecule Ligand Targeting Ultra-High Affinity FAP (OncoFAP)

Philogen announcement publication of Clinical PET The data with an exclusive ultra-high affinity Small molecule ligand targeting FAP (OncoFAP)

Translation studies carried out at European Institute of Molecular Imaging and the nuclear medicine department (University and university hospital from Munster) Pin up fast and selective OncoFAP tumor uptake with unprecedented selectivity against healthy organs in cancer patients

Philogen, in collaboration with Senn Chemicals, has already produced the equivalent of 1 million BPF doses of clinical grade OncoFAP-DOTAGA

His, Italy, January sevene, 2022 – Philogen SpA, a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on targeted antibody and small molecule therapies, announces that its 100% Swiss subsidiary, Philochem AG, has co-authored a new translational study on 68Ga-OncoFAP, the best small molecule targeting FAP for applications in cancer and inflammation.

The article, titled “Translational Imaging of Fibroblast Activating Protein (FAP) Using the New Ligand”[68Ga]Ga-OncoFAP-DOTAGA “, has been published in the peer-reviewed journal European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging and reports new preclinical and clinical results obtained with 68Ga-OncoFAP.

The data confirmed the rapid and selective accumulation of 68Ga-OncoFAP in solid tumor lesions in disease models and in patient cases. In addition, 68Ga-OncoFAP has shown excellent selectivity against healthy organs, including kidneys, at early times (i.e. disseminated disease).

Dario Neri, Managing Director of Philogen commented : “We are delighted with the translational results presented in our recent article, which demonstrated the strong selectivity of OncoFAP towards healthy organs in cancer patients. In order to pave the way for wider adoption of this technology, we have established a network of nuclear medicine centers on various continents to support our future clinical studies. The equivalent of 1,000,000 GMP-grade doses of OncoFAP-DOTAGA has already been produced in collaboration with Senn Chemicals.

The results presented in this article are the result of a collaboration between the European Institute for Molecular Imaging and the nuclear medicine department at the University and University Hospital Münster and scientists from Philochem AG.

OncoFAP was made under GMP conditions at Senn Chemicals AG, a CDMO in peptide and small molecule synthesis with expertise in small scale GMP production.

Fibroblast activating protein (FAP) has recently emerged as a tumor associated antigen with abundant and selective expression in the majority of human solid malignancies. The discovery of OncoFAP, as well as its preclinical characterization, has recently been reported in Proc Natl Acad Sci United States in April 2021.

Philochem’s OncoFAP derivatives are the small organic ligands with the highest affinity for the FAP antigen reported to date.

OncoFAP is currently under investigation as a modular component for the generation of therapeutics allowing the targeted delivery of a potent beta emitter (lutetium-177), fluorescein-specific CAR T cells and highly auristatin derivatives. cytotoxic.

The article is accessible from European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging website under the following IInk.

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