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The Central Maine Power (CMP) Electric Corridor is a bad deal for Maine for many reasons, and I think that is why CMP, which was ranked as the US Least Managed Company for satisfaction of the customers ( / article / central-maine-power-again-ranks-worst-in-us-for-business-customer-satisfaction), spend millions of dollars on deceptive ads trying to sow confusing people and convincing them to support something they know has been very unpopular statewide.

The latest deception of the CMP concerns “retroactive laws”. Voting YES on question 1 in the next ballot prevents the CMP energy corridor from moving forward, and its retroactive provisions focus directly on this question and not on a general attempt to prevent any other type of project or project. to harm the economy of Maine. It only reinforces existing law and requires these types of high impact energy projects to be approved by the legislature as the law provides.

The CMP’s corridor of power cannot win over substance. As stated by the Maine Natural Resources Council, the CMP corridor clear-cuts virgin forest land, has a negative impact on deer and brook trout habitats as well as wetlands, creates very few permanent jobs and does not deal with climate change. And all this just to bring electricity from Quebec to Massachusetts so that CMP and Hydro Quebec can make a lot of money at our expense. (

Maine should not be used as an extension cord for Massachusetts.

Please vote “YES” on question 1 to reject the CMP power corridor and to show that the Mainers cannot be fooled by the CMP’s dishonest advertising.

James bilancia


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