“Publication in journals before the final doctoral thesis is not essential”

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): In the new regulations for granting a doctorate, the University Grants Commission removed the requirement for publications in peer-reviewed journals and the presentation of at least two papers at conferences, which were part of the regulations from the UGC, 2016.

Until now, it was compulsory for doctoral students to publish at least one research article in a peer-reviewed journal and to make two presentations of articles at conferences or seminars before submitting their thesis for judgment. Now, publication of research is no longer mandatory prior to submission of a final doctoral thesis. However, if the quality of research is good, researchers will inevitably opt for publication because it will get the API score when selecting for teaching positions.

“Compulsory publication, as needed earlier, was solely responsible for the mushrooming growth of ‘predatory’ journals in the country,” said Professor Abhay Kumar, Director of DAVV’s School of Electronics.

Students pursuing NEP’s flagship 2020 four-year UG program can apply for admission if they achieve 75% overall and after completing one year of PG. The duration of the doctoral program is limited to a maximum of six years with the possibility of two additional years after re-registration and the maximum duration will be 10 years for female students.

These upper limits of duration also include the time devoted to the completion of coursework.

GATE-qualified applicants can also apply for exemption from entrance tests conducted by a university, in addition to those who obtain the UGC, CSIR, JRF and other scholarships. The entrance exam, however, will be organized only by the respective university. Industry applicants may also register as part-time applicants as provided in the regulations. Adjunct professors who are essentially part-time employees can also serve as co-supervisors, according to the new regulations.

The total number of candidates that a professor, an associate professor and an assistant professor can guide, both as director and as co-director, cannot exceed 8, 6 and 4 respectively.

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