Randy Alcorn shares a heartwarming update on his wife Nanci’s long battle with colon cancer

Randy Alcorn, founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries (EPM), shared that his family had an “emotional and meaningful” reunion with his battling wife Nanci. Colon Cancer since 2018.

In a diary entry written by Randy, he explained that their daughters, sons-in-law and all of the grandchildren gathered on Monday to talk and pray with Nanci.

“Nanci told me last Saturday that she felt she didn’t have much time left in this world and that she wanted to talk about the lives of our children and especially our grandchildren,” he said. he writes. “So our family got together yesterday for what will likely be the last IN THIS WORLD gathering of our tribe of 11.”

Randy continued, “Monday morning some of us left at 8:30 a.m. and then at 11 a.m. we all walked into our room where Nanci is in her hospital bed. We finished the day at 8:30 p.m. Nanci slept quite a bit of time after our morning meeting and at the end, when it was time to pray for her, she was still asleep.”

He said each family member laid hands on Nanci and prayed for her, then said a “temporary goodbye” which would be “followed by an eternal reunion”.

“What a moving, meaningful and truly unforgettable moment! Two of the grandsons said they would never forget the day, and the others, in their own way, made it clear they felt the same way,” Randy noted. . “Nanci’s desire was to have an eternal impact on the lives of her grandsons, and her life did, but that day was the climax.”

Randy said Nanci asked for her diary to be read aloud, which revealed her “trust in the love and sovereignty of God.”

He mentioned how proud he was of Nanci and that when she slipped away into the arms of Jesus, her cancer would be healed.

“She is so tired and uncomfortable, and for her, we can’t help but hand her completely over to God and ask Him to take her as soon as possible,” Randy wrote. “But of course we will trust him and thank him for every day we still have him on this earth, and especially for the blood-bought assurance of eternal reunion with him, and with her, and the with each other.”

“Thank you, King Jesus, for answering prayer in an even more powerful way than if you had answered our prayer to heal her cancer. And we believe you will soon eliminate the cancer whenever you choose to bring her back. home. The separation will be brief, the reunion will be eternal and incredibly sweet.”

He concluded the diary entry with the assurance that he will write about that “incredible and powerful day” when Nanci is pain free and at peace in paradise.

Earlier this month, Randy wrote that Nanci had returned from hospital and was in hospice.

Please continue to pray for Randy, Nanci and all of their family members during this difficult time.

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