Real estate professional Tom Mackrola publishes new bestselling book to help people buy their first home – ‘HOW TO BUY A HOME within 2 years’

The real estate industry can seem overwhelming and complex, but with this easy-to-follow guide, readers get an insider’s perspective on navigating the home buying market and the home buying process. a house.

Chicago, Illinois – February 9, 2022 – Many people find the home buying process so complex or out of reach. Some people give up and submit to a lifetime of renting. It doesn’t have to be, thanks to a new book just published by renowned real estate professional Tom Mackrola.

In his new book, HOW TO BUY A HOUSE in 2 Years, Tom reveals his tips and shortcuts that make the process simple to complete. It makes more sense to learn from a true real estate professional than to go it alone.

Readers will learn how to put themselves in a position to buy a home, regardless of their current employment status, income, savings, or credit score within 2 years. It could be sooner depending on the situation, but 2 years will work for most people if they apply the concepts in the book.

• Find out what mortgage lenders are looking for.
• Learn what it means to “buy like an owner, but…think like an investor”.
• Learn how to turn housing expenses into a vehicle for wealth creation.
• Learn how to build a portfolio of rental properties starting with a primary residence using low or no down payment loan programs.

How to buy a house in 2 years is not just an invitation to come home, but an opportunity to get the most out of real estate investing for everyone – from beginners to experienced buyers. Once a person goes through the process, they will also have the knowledge to do other transactions.

About the Author:

Tom Mackrola is a well-rounded professional with a background in real estate, mortgages and insurance. He went through the system as a consumer, real estate agent and lender. As an investor, he bought and sold properties. He has renovated and leased properties, managed construction and dealt with construction services. As a real estate agent, he’s helped dozens of families—even homeless ones—buy homes, land multimillion-dollar deals, and win top producer awards from the Chicago Association of Realtors.

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