ScreenGuard assesses the importance of stainless steel mesh in a recent publication

Leading supplier of stainless steel security fence systems, ScreenGuard, highlights the different types of fence systems and the factors to consider when making a decision in an online publication

ScreenGuard, owned by Darley Aluminum, has become one of the leading sources for premium quality door and window security systems. The brand recently reiterated its commitment to providing the best possible experience for customers across Australia, with a guide to the different products available and the factors to consider before making a decision.

The demand for door and window security systems has seen a significant increase over the years as businesses and families look for ways to protect their assets. According to a report by Million Insights, the global aluminum extrusion market size was valued at $67.77 billion in 2019. The market size is also expected to reach $91.67 billion by 2027, in due to the increasing demand for aluminum extrusion from the building and construction industry. Despite the astonishing market numbers, customers are still struggling to meet their needs. However, Darley Aluminum has ensured that businesses and families in Australia do not suffer the same fate by supplying top quality stainless steel security mesh systems for windows and doors across Screen protector.

ScreenGuard has built a reputation over the past 25 years for providing solutions that meet the growing and diverse needs of window and door manufacturers across the country. The company provided its expertise in the article on the importance of a good stainless steel mesh security doors or windows. Some of the points mentioned in the post include the difference between 304 and 316 marine grade mesh along with important attributes to consider while analyzing the quality and performance of stainless steel mesh. Highlighted factors include raw material and yarn composition, weaving techniques and equipment, powder coat finish, testing and compliance, and ease of cleaning and maintenance.

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The ScreenGuard stainless steel security mesh system for windows and doors is owned and distributed by Darley Aluminium, who supply top quality stainless steel security systems to security manufacturers across Australia. Darley Aluminum is one of the largest distributors of aluminum extrusion products and associated components used in residential, commercial and industrial applications, with an extensive product line of over 1,000 aluminum extrusions.

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