Sidmouth writer Jane Sidmouth’s Lies We Tell book

The Lies We Tell, the latest sensational thriller written by Sidmouth resident and accomplished author Jane Corry, has achieved high status of being on the nation’s most acclaimed book list.

Matching the success of Jane’s other five books with publishing giant Penguin, all of which were among the Sunday Times’ top ten bestsellers, her most recent book reached number six on the Sunday Times in its first week.

Jane said it was “a huge honor and also a relief” to reach the top ten again.
– Credit: Lucy Davies

Speaking of her latest achievement, Jane said: “It was a huge honor – and also a relief – to reach the top ten in the UK paperback rankings again. My previous five Penguin novels had done so, so I I was delighted to repeat the pattern by reaching number six with my new novel The Lies We Tell. I am also very grateful to Penguin for all their hard work, from editing to publishing. ”

Released at the end of June, The Lies We Tell is an emotional psychological thriller that explores the tensions that can arise between parents when raising children. The story is about Sarah and Tom, who always tried to be good parents, but when their 15-year-old son Freddie confesses to killing someone, it leads to a roller coaster ride with many twists and turns.

Beautifully written in first person, the story reveals the minds of the two main characters in a well-paced manner and captures how their different pasts have affected their behavior as adults.

The story sits well among Jane’s other five books – My Husband’s Wife, The Dead Ex, I Looked Away, Blood Sisters, and I Made a Mistake – which were all Sunday Times bestsellers, selling over ‘one million copies.

The lies we tell

The book is available at Paragon, Winstone’s, Waterstones, Amazon and all good bookstores
– Credit: Penguin

When asked what it felt like to reach a climax in her profession, Jane said, “It’s wonderful to be up there with big names. Sometimes I have to pinch myself. I hope. that my trip will inspire others. But most of all, I hope readers enjoy reading my story about Sarah, her husband Tom and what they do when their teenage son Freddie comes back one evening, saying he did something. terrible thing… “.

You can pick up a copy of “The Lies We Tell” at bookstores, including Winstones, Paragon, and Waterstones, as well as supermarkets and Amazon.

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